Alternative Albums That Feature Gambling

By Mitch Rice

Music is such an important part of a person’s life. It doesn’t matter what kind of music taste you have, there are not many people in the world who don’t love certain artists. After all, music has such a powerful effect on a lot of things. For example, a person’s mood can be completely changed thanks to a song or album. As well as this, going to a live music show can be one of the most memorable events of your life. Not to mention that practicing music as a hobby is something special and one of the best ways to spend your time.


Of course, with so many songs in the world, there are going to be some that fall into similar categories. For example, songs and artists are split up into genres. One of the most popular types of music genres is alternative. As well as this, there are often topics that can be commonly featured in music. Although it is not the most common music topic, there are plenty of songs and albums that feature gambling. This isn’t that much of a surprise when you consider how many people love to gamble. So, what are some of the alternative albums that feature gambling? Here are just some of the examples.

Ten Summoner’s Tales – Sting

Sting is one of the most recognisable faces and voices in the music industry. He is also massively popular around the world. However, there are likely a lot of people who don’t realise that Sting has a song that featured the topic of gambling. Shape of My Heart is a song that features on Sting’s 1993 release, Ten Summoner’s Tales. The song features topics and references familiar with gambling, making it truly unique. If the song gets you in the mood to gamble, you should check out


Exile on Main Street – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are going down in music history as one of the best bands of all time. Again, however, even big fans of The Rolling Stones might not have noticed gambling features on their album Exile on Main Street. There are actually two songs on the album that are highly related to the topic of gambling. Both Tumbling Dice and Casino Boogie are related to the world of gambling. Both amazing songs in their own right, these are tracks that any fan of gambling can get behind.

The Essential Collection – The Dubliners

Irish band The Dubliners is one of the best musical talents to come out of Ireland. They are world famous and an important part of the history of Irish music. However, their essential collection actually includes a song that features gambling. The Galway Races references the annual horse racing meet in Galway city. The race day sees a lot of people placing bets on horses and the day is just full of gambling. The song is truly one of the best songs related to gambling ever made and is a favourite among music fans.