How to Use the Keratin Hair Mask?

By Mitch Rice

Professional brands produce keratin hair masks for fine and normal hair as well as for thick and coarse hair. For curls, there are also specialized keratin masks aimed at filling the porous structure of the hair, reducing fluffiness, and forming a neat curl. Simple keratin masks, which are now produced by world-famous brands, will help make your hair well-groomed and beautiful, and you can also make such compositions yourself at home.

Under natural conditions, keratin fills the hair with useful substances from the inside. But daily styling and the environment destroys the structure of this protein. Therefore, a keratin mask for hair replenishes not only the loss of moisture, but also the loss of structural protein. Among the reasons for the destruction of keratin protein can be mentioned:

  • drying with a hairdryer, the use of curling irons, ironing, and other styling items;
  • hypothermia or overheating;
  • head washing in water with a high chlorine content;
  • frequent dyeing, perms, and other procedures;
  • exposure to ultraviolet.

The effect of the procedure depends on compliance with the rules of preparation and application of the product. Before using the funds, you need to study the basic rules of use in order to prevent the occurrence of dangerous problems.

What is the Process of a Keratin Hair Mask?

First of all, each organism is unique, therefore its reactions are sometimes unpredictable. Keratin masks are advised to use no more than two times a week. But if you are allergic, or if you have problems with vitamins, be careful when using a keratin mask for hair. It is always better to consult a specialist. Despite the high ratings, popularity, and a lot of positive reviews about the keratin mask, before you rush to buy it, evaluate the risks that you will face. Keratin has the ability to fill voids in the hair, and also ‘solders’ split ends. Keratin masks are inexpensive, so every woman can afford them.

At home, the procedure for applying a keratin mask is simple – you just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the mask to damp, warm hair for 30 minutes. Put on a hat and wrap your head in a towel. Remove the cap and let your hair cool for 5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Be sure to use a balm that will help close the scales and keep all the components of the mask in your hair.

Keratin contains ceramides, which have a restorative function and instantly fill in the blanks in the hair structure. That is, if you start using keratin masks in time, you can save your hair from falling out and brittleness. In the presence of cuts, ulcers, or abscesses on the surface of the scalp, it is better to postpone the use of the mask so as not to cause pain. To test the mask for tolerability, it is recommended to apply a brush to a small area on the back of the head, if redness and itching on the scalp do not occur, you can proceed with the procedure.

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