The Best Places to Discover New Music

By Mitch Rice

Thanks to the creation of the world wide web, finding new music has never been easier. With literally an endless range of music platforms popping up to showcase emerging and established artists alike, you can find your favorite tunes in just a few clicks of a button.

But it can also feel a bit overwhelming to try to find the best and most reliable platforms for music. With so much noise (literally and figuratively) in this space, we know it can be frustrating when all you want to do is find your favorite tunes, sit back and listen to them as you relax.

The internet has changed the game altogether when it comes to discovering new music. And it is not just for the current generation of artists. It has also made it easier than ever to resurrect some of the best tunes from the past and give a new life to artists who were once seemingly lost as they were not around when digital music existed.

To help you peruse the web and discover new music from the past and present, we have put together the ultimate guide to the best places to find your new favorite song that you will be blasting on repeat for the next month.

1. uDiscover Music

This innovative platform fuses music news and education with an actual storefront where you can purchase music and find playlists. uDiscoverMusic offers everything from Frank Sinatra vinyl to the most current country tunes just in time for summer. But what makes this site so special is that you can really do a deep dive into any type of musical offering. This means you can take music quizzes, read up on music trends, and even re-discover albums that are truly a blast from the past. Chances are you will find yourself browsing this sit for hours on end!

2. Mixcloud

For those that love good DJ tunes, then this is the best place to be. An evolution from what the radio used to be, it allows listeners to connect with DJs in mainly the electronic realm. But what makes this site so great is that you can access live performances too. In a world where many of us have had to miss out on our favorite concerts thanks to the pandemic, being able to connect to a live music event online is a huge game-changer. But it also is a space for creative artists to launch their mixtapes and grow a fanbase too. Think of it as a place to find music that fuses electronic and indie radio stations together.

3. The Music Ninja

This platform is a great place to find artists who have not yet been discovered in the mainstream yet. The platform was founded in an attempt to help delete the repletion of only a few select songs you often hear on the radio and instead give those undiscovered artists a chance to truly shine. The most popular types of music you will discover here fall under the four categories of electronic music, indie music, hip-hop music, and acoustic music. Best of all, there are already pre-curated playlists for you to enjoy.

4. The Spotify Serendipity Platform

Providing a whole new way to connect and discover music, there is a new interactive map that Spotify has launched that shows where listeners have enjoyed the same song within the last hour. The map is always changing and evolving and allows you to hop in and listen to the absolute latest trends in real-time. You can discover a song someone has literally just discovered on the other side of the world—how cool is that?

5. Every Noise At Once’s Algorithm

It was only a matter of time until discovering new music became driven by algorithms. This platform is run by an algorithm that accesses over 1,200 different musical genres (yes, there are that many!) and is the best way to discover your most unusual finds like a Celtic punk song. If you are looking to discover truly one-of-a-kind music then this is certainly the place to do just that.

6. The Hype Machine Amalgamator

This platform uses its intelligence to bring in a range of songs that are linked through various music sites and blogs and bring them together in one easy-to-navigate site. This means you do not have to spend hours scrolling through blogs. Instead, simply go here and find the latest trending hits you will fall in love with.

7. BandCamp

If you want to really support independent artists and give them a chance without having to sell their souls to a record label, then this is the place to do it You can listen to the most experimental tunes and know your listening is making a difference for someone’s future.