Look at the Main Tips for Achieving the Highest Score in the Essay

By Mitch Rice

Any composition is a creative flight of thought. Writing this type of paper is a great test of thinking, concluding, and expressing your point of view. In terms of literary composition, the features of the genre allow almost complete freedom. An essay is different from any other written work, whether it’s an abstract, term paper, research paper, or term paper. Many authors note that writing an essay is extremely useful, as it allows the student to learn to clearly and competently express their own thoughts, analyze and structure various information, use the main categories of research, find causal relationships, and accompany their arguments with relevant facts, substantiate their conclusions; master the scientific style of speech; the desire to turn the acquired knowledge into a personal position and be guided by it in the future. Essay content includes:

  • the exact formulation of the essence of the problem;
  • analysis of the problem, independently carried out by the student using the concepts;
  • conclusions are summarizing the student’s position on the problem.

The Most Important to Know in Achieving the Highest Score in Essay

An essay is a creative work and involves a presentation of reflections on a specific topic. The essay is addressed not to the “teapot”, but to the reader who has at least a minimal understanding of the issue under consideration. Otherwise, when writing, we would simply drown in the details. Excellent vocabulary was demonstrated, i.e., the used vocabulary corresponds to the set communicative task; there are practically no violations in the use of vocabulary (the correct use of lexical phrases and word-formation methods; your vocabulary and the variety of vocabulary used (synonyms, antonyms, phraseological units) are well demonstrated. If you were given a list of essay topics at the university, it would be logical if you choose a topic that is closer to you, and on which you are not averse to reflecting. If there is no list of topics, and the teacher only indicates to you the direction in which you should choose a problem for the essay, you will have to formulate the topic yourself.

What Are the Main Tips for Achieving A+ in the Essay?

  1. Think carefully about writing an essay.
  2. The thesis is the author’s own thought; the argument is its substantiation. If you are looking for a cliché about how to write an essay, then this is it.
  3. No need to invent or ascribe to yourself the thoughts of other people. Write naturally, and your essay will benefit from it. We also recommend you to use the essay writing service of essayusa.com.
  4. Stick to the structure clearly, as this affects the assessment.
  5. Use a draft, and only then transfer the text to a clean copy. If time is short, you can simply write the main theses and plan.
  6. Prepare for various topics by broadening your horizons.
  7. Correctly allocate time so that there is little left for checking and correcting errors (in which case).
  8. Choose a writing style (formal or semi-formal with abbreviations).
  9. It is important to bear in mind that all sections of the essay are closely interconnected; therefore, if you make a mistake in defining the scope of the article, you risk nullifying all your work.
  10. Be sure to reread the essay you wrote and correlate its abstract with the problem raised. If you find inconsistencies, correct any inaccuracies.

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