The Most Famous College Songs

By Mitch Rice

Each college has a unique anthem. They are commonly sung during games and festivals to fight off attacks from opponents. They are also used to raise the morale of players in the field as well as celebrate victories. The songs connect the alumni of a college to the existing student population.


The sound of the tune awakens passion and loyalty in students. It also helps the students to be more competitive whenever they face opponents. Some come with particular gestures while others rely on the improvisation of students singing at the moment. Here are famous college fight songs and interesting facts about them.

Hail to Old OSU

The song identifies Oregon State University or OSU on the pitch. The song is more than 100 years old, having been written in 1914 by Harold L Wilkins. Its lyrics have changed slightly through the years to adapt to the changing times. Can you get away with someone to cheat and do my physics homework for me while I join the school athletics team or engage in other activities? Writing services offer the help you need to free your time instead of spending all your years sitting in the library over assignments.

The song was originally meant for Oregon State College. When it transformed into a university, the lyrics were changed a bit. You will hear the song today in every football or basketball game the university is playing.

Come Join the Band

Come Join the Band was the original fight song for Stanford University. It was composed in 1907 by Aurania Ellerbeck and has since remained a part of their tradition. While it is not played frequently today, it remains their official fight song during games and other inter-school activities.

Stanford University teams today use All Right Now a rock song by the Free band. It was released in the 70s and became popular with the team. In some of the exclusive events, they will still request you to join the band.

Indiana, Our Indiana

Indiana University has one of the most illustrious sporting histories. In 1912, Russell P Harker was the director of their resident Hoosier Band. He composed an anthem that was titled Our Indiana. It has remained their signature fight song to date.

Our Indiana borrowed its tune from The Viking March, the work of Karl King of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. The first performance was during the game against Northwestern in November 1912. It remains their signature fight song and a constant during national college games.

Hail State

The song is sung in praise of Mississippi State University. It is usually performed by the iconic Maroon Band. The song is the work of Joseph Peavey and was composed in 1939.

The song has a unique pattern. It will be played at the beginning of any home game. However, a particular version will play whenever the team scores. The song has pushed the Bulldogs to national glory because of the motivation that comes with the tune as well as the lyrics.

I am a Jayhawk

The University of Kansas is famous for its exploits during national college games. Opponents admit the difficulty they experience playing during any home match because of the atmosphere the home crowd creates. I am a Jayhawk is the song the University of Kansas uses to fire the crowd.

I am a Jayhawk was composed in 1912 by Georgia Bowles. Over the years, the lyrics have changed slightly but the fire in the song remains. It remains one of the most iconic tunes during college games.

Each college has found a song to identify its team. The fire that comes with such songs will push players to work harder. It is interesting to learn the histories behind some of the songs and to witness them remain relevant a century down the line.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment or other purposes like actually cheating in school.