15 Top Tips for Musicians to Overcome Creative Block

By Mitch Rice

It’s not uncommon for musicians to experience creative blocks at some point in their careers. After all, creativity is a fickle thing and can often be elusive when we need it the most. If you’re a musician struggling to overcome a creative block, here are a few tips that may help you get your muse back on track.

1. Take a break

If you’re feeling creatively frustrated, sometimes the best thing to do is take a break. Step away from your work and relax for a bit. Maybe do some other creative activities to help jump-start your brain. When you return to your project, you may find that the ideas are flowing more easily.

2. Get organized

One of the main reasons people experience creative blocks is because they feel overwhelmed or lost. Sometimes getting organized can help alleviate that feeling and make it easier to get started on your project. Make a plan and set some goals for yourself. Break down the project into smaller steps and focus on one step at a time.

3. Ditch the Stimulants

Many musicians turn to caffeine, energy drink and drugs to get over a creative block, in the long run these can harm both your physical and mental health. Instead why not try natural Supplements such as Cannabinoid products such as oils & gummies containing CBD have been shown to help with a variety of issues that can lead to creative block. CBD can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and increase focus and concentration. All of these factors can help improve creativity.

4. Find inspiration

Finding inspiration can be a great way to jump-start your creativity when you’re feeling stuck. Look for inspiration in other art forms, listen to different music, or read about other creative people. Sometimes getting out of your own head can help you find new ideas.

5. Take care of yourself

To be productive, it’s important to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and take breaks when necessary. If you’re stressed out or overworked, it will be much harder to be creative.

6. Try something new

If you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas, sometimes it can help to try something new. Experiment with different techniques or methods. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You may find that the process of trying something new can jump-start your creativity.

7. Be persistent

Creative blocks can be frustrating, but it’s important to be persistent. Keep working even when it feels like you’re not making any progress. The more you work, the more likely you are to find a breakthrough. For a musician, it’s important to remember that creativity is an important part of your art. But don’t despair! There are ways to overcome creative blocks and get those ideas flowing again.

8. Get help from others

If you’re struggling to overcome a creative block, it can be helpful to get input from others. Talk to friends or family members about your project. Ask for feedback and suggestions. Sometimes other people can see things that you’re unable to see yourself.

9. Separate the Creative Process

One of the reasons people often experience creative blocks is because they try to do everything at once. They focus on the end result instead of the process. Instead of worrying about the finished product, focus on the creative process itself. The finished product will be a reflection of that process. Experiment and have fun.

10. Put It in A Drawer

This may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to overcome a creative block is to put your work away for a while. Step away from it and take a break. Come back to it with fresh eyes, and you may find that the ideas are flowing more easily.

11. Keep A Creative Journal

One of the best ways to overcome creative blocks is to keep a creative journal. This is a place where you can brainstorm ideas, experiment with different techniques, and document your creative process. Having a journal can help you track your progress and find new ideas when you’re feeling stuck.

12. Use Fewer Tools

When you’re experiencing a creative block, sometimes the best thing to do is simplify. Use fewer tools and materials. This can help you focus on the essentials and find new ways to be creative.

13. Find Your Muse

For some people, their muse is a person, place, or thing that inspires them creatively. If you’re struggling to overcome a creative block, try to find your muse. This may be something as simple as taking a walk in nature or listening to your favourite music. When you find your muse, it can help jump-start your creativity.

14. Frame Your Project with A Theme

When you’re working on a project, it can be helpful to frame it with a theme. This will help you focus your ideas and find new ways to be creative. For example, if you’re working on an album, you may want to choose a theme such as love or loss. By framing your project with a theme, you can help yourself overcome a creative block.

15. Let Go of The Outcome

One of the biggest reasons people experience creative blocks is their worry about the outcome. They’re afraid of failure or criticism. Instead of worrying about the result, focus on the process and enjoy the journey. When you let go of the outcome, it can help you overcome a creative block.


Creative blocks can be frustrating, but there are ways to overcome them. By taking a break, getting organized, finding inspiration, and taking care of yourself, you can jump-start your creativity and get those ideas flowing again. So don’t give up! With a little effort, you’ll be creating amazing art in no time.

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