Blackpink’s ‘Pick Venom’ Sweeps Over the Internet

By Mitch Rice

Blackpink, a South Korean girl music group, made a rockin’ come back after two years with a hip-hop song called Pink Venom. After teasing the song’s release for three weeks, the K-pop idols have astonished music fans all over the globe with this lead single from their upcoming ‘Born Pink’ album.

The global sensations first teased Pink Venom at the very start of this month when they confirmed their comeback in a video showing Born Pink’s timeline. Pink Venom is Blackpink’s signal to hip-hop fans to brace themselves for the largest world tour in the history of the girl group.

Featuring the use of a traditional Korean string instrument, geomungo, the music video has amassed over 179 million views on Youtube in less than five days of its release. The comeback music video had achieved more than 10 million views within an hour of its release.

On August 22, Korean media portal Soompi reported that the song had reached 90 million views in the first 24 hours of its release, marking the biggest 24-hour music video debut of this year and the biggest ever music video debut of Blackpink. It is the first music video by a female artist to reach 90 million views on Youtube within 24 hours of its release.

The music video also broke the record of Blackpink’s 2020 hit ‘How You Like That’, according to the report.

Following its release, Pink Venom immediately took over Youtube and iTunes charts all around the world. The music video achieved 100 million views on Spotify in over 29 hours, becoming the first Korean-language song in history to top the platform’s Global Top Songs chart.

Why did Blackpink choose Pink Venom to kick off their comeback era?

Ever since its release, hip-hop fans and music lovers all over the world seem to be smitten with Blackpink’s record-breaking song. Whether you are playing in a live casino or raving at a nightclub, you’ll find the song playing everywhere these days.

During a global press conference before Pink Venom’s release, the girl group revealed why they chose this particular song to start off their long-awaited comeback era.

Blackpink’s Jennie said “We are named BLACKPINK and contradiction is our charm, we wanted to show that. It’s pink venom, a lovely poison, it’s words that most express.”

Prior to this, Lisa Manobal had expressed her excitement at finally reaching the day on which they get to show this amazing song to their fans. The Thai rapper said “Coming here now, the comeback seems real now.” She went on to say, “All our songs are really good, but we wanted to show this first to BLINKs.”

Rose and Jisoo also said that they found the track extremely fascinating and therefore chose it as a pre-release for their return. The girls said that they loved all the songs on their upcoming album, Born Pink, but they knew that Pink Venom was the one to get the ball rolling.

Rose explained how the song was new and unique to them saying, “They played the song for us first in the studio, it was really new and sounds we never attempted before. I really wanted to show our performance”. The Blackpink member also shared that the group was eager to show everyone the song’s wonderful choreography.

What to expect from Blackpink’s New Album Born Pink?

Blackpink’s comeback album, Born Pink, has made more than 1.5 million in pre-sales, three weeks before its release. However, there is not much known about the K-pop quartet’s new album.

During a live stream before the premiere of Pink Venom, Blackpink’s member, Jisoo talked about what it was like to prepare the album. She talked about the other girls and said that Jennie served as the ‘moodmaker’ during practices to hype everyone up. She appreciated her fellow member’s enthusiasm, saying that she would go all out whenever the dance teacher asked us to focus our attention on certain parts.

The release of Pink Venom has proved that Born Pick will not only win the hearts of Blackpink’s fans but also break many, if not all, music video records.

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