How to Learn Guitar Online: A Beginner’s Guide

By Mitch Rice

You’ve decided you want to learn guitar. Great!

Learning an instrument can be a hugely rewarding experience. The guitar is a great choice for a beginner instrument because it’s relatively simple to learn the basics and portable.

The next step is deciding how you want to learn. There are lots of options available, from in-person lessons to online courses. But today, we’ll focus on learning guitar online.

There are many resources available online to help you learn guitar at your own pace. The Moonlight Sonata guitar tab and other free sheets and tabs can be great tools for beginners. In this guide, learn some of the basics of learning guitar online and get started on your musical journey.

Finding the Right Guitar for You

There are many types of guitars available, and it’s important to find one that is comfortable for you to play.

  • Acoustic guitars are the most popular type of guitar. They’re well-rounded and versatile, so you can use them for a variety of genres.
  • Electric guitars are best suited for rock and metal music. They are often used in solos due to their high-powered sound.

If you’re not sure which guitar type is right for you, it’s good to start with an acoustic guitar and see how you like it. You can always upgrade to an electric later on.

Once you have the right instrument, make sure to get the necessary guitar gear and accessories like strings, a tuner, and a strap.

Learning the Fundamentals

Now that you have your guitar, it’s time to start learning the basics.

Before you start playing songs, it’s important to learn the fundamentals of the guitar to develop the proper guitar skills and techniques. This includes learning how to hold the instrument and tune the guitar strings and basic chords.

The key is to pick a method that feels right for you.

Different people learn best in different ways. Some like watching videos, while others prefer reading texts or listening to audio recordings. Some people like having structure and moving through lessons in a linear fashion. Others prefer hopping around and picking what they want to learn based on their interests.

There is no single “right” way to learn guitar online (or offline, for that matter). Thus, find a method that feels comfortable for you and that you think you’ll stick with.

There are many online guitar lessons and tutorials available that can help you with the basics. Watch a few videos, listen to recordings, and check out guitar tabs. And then practice what you’ve learned so that it becomes second nature.

Playing Some Songs

Once you have a handle on the basics, it’s time to start playing some songs!

Learning songs is a great way to practice what you’ve learned and make progress as a guitarist. There are tons of song lessons available online for free. Find the ones at your skill level, so you don’t get frustrated. Start with easy guitar songs and work your way up to more complex ones.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind:

Start small. Don’t try to tackle too much at once.

When you’re just starting out, it’s better to focus on learning a few basic guitar chords and strums rather than trying to tackle a complex song or music theory right away. You can always add more complexity later on once you have the basics down pat.

Find the right instructor.

Not all guitar instructors are created equal. When you’re looking for online lessons, take some time to research your options and find an instructor who is a good fit for your learning style and goals.

For example, if you want to learn classical guitar, find guitar players and instructors who have experience teaching that particular style of music. You should also make sure they have a teaching method that resonates with you; some instructors prefer a more formal approach, while others are more laid-back.

Once you find an instructor whose teaching style works for you, stick with them!

Set aside time each day (or week) to practice.

Consistency is key when learning any new skill, so make sure to set aside some regular practice time so you can make real progress with your playing. Even just 15-20 minutes per day can make a big difference!

The more frequently you play, the better your chances of making real progress on the instrument. And if you’re having trouble finding time in your schedule for practice sessions, try getting up a little earlier or going to bed a little later so that you can snag some extra minutes here and there. Every bit helps!

Be patient with yourself – learning guitar (or any new skill) takes time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end.

Joining an Online Community

Online learning gives you access to people from around the globe — including other guitar students!

If you’re feeling isolated or not making as much progress as you’d like, consider joining an online community related to guitar playing or music in general. Here, you can connect with others who are on a similar guitar journey, ask questions, share advice, and get motivation from people who understand what it’s like trying to learn guitar tricks.


Learning how to play guitar can seem like a daunting task, especially for a complete beginner. But with dedication and practice, anyone can do it!

The best way to learn is by starting with the basics and then progressing onto more complex concepts once you have a handle on the fundamentals. Fortunately, there are many resources like free guitar tablature and songs tutorial available online that can help you through the process.

Data and information are provided for informational purposes only, and are not intended for investment, medical or other purposes.