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I’m not sure if the cats know exactly when to drop the bass, but it doesn’t matter at this point. If you’re a kitten DJ, scratching and mixing, you don’t even need to wait until Caturday to get the party started.

A visitor to Great Bend Zoo in Kansas attempted to take a selfie with a swan. What happened next proves that even swans don’t like selfies.

A bear came to a crow’s rescue at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary and it was all caught on camera. Instead of eating the bird that got stuck in water inside his enclosure, the bear gently picked the crow up and dropped it just outside the pond.

A baby deer, like most animals, truly enjoys belly rubs. This one, though, cries in protest every time a Kentucky powerline worker tries to set him down. Justin Lewis and a friend had been “clearing a right of way for electric lines” when they came across the tiny fawn who had gotten separated from his mother and became entangled in thorns. The fawn finally agreed to be let down and was able to rejoin his mother a bit later. This might be the cutest video I post all year.

He followed us around the job site like a lost puppy for about an hour until I noticed a doe watching us from the hillside. Assuming this was his mother, I carried him about halfway up the hill while she watched attentively. I sat him down, he ran straight to her, and they walked off together.