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Your mediocre old hand really isn’t that lovable, so why not turn it into an adorable, wrinkly pug? That’s the magic of this set of five-finger puppets, one 2” flat-faced pug head and four 1-1/2” paws. While making your hand less practical for things like typing, cake decorating and sign language, it gives you a constant canine companion. Practice making a loud snorting noise and complete the illusion. Don’t blame us if your hand starts to take long naps, beg for pizza and snore while it sleeps; these puppets are just that realistic.

The Handipug, which includes four paws and one adorable head, is currently available to purchase from the Archie McPhee shop.

These itty bitty Pawdeles have a lot to “meow” about – they are looking for a home. East Bay SPCA releases Meow, a video spoof of Adele’s Hello music video featuring adoptable kittens. The East Bay SPCA video promotes cat adoption while telling a silly, yet touching story of a little girl, woman and older gentleman’s visit to the East Bay SPCA in hopes of adopting a kitten. The kittens promise their potential adopters that they will do whatever it takes to be the best pets ever! Every cute kitten that appears in the video was adopted from the East Bay SPCA.

When you create a video starting with “It was just another day,” it better be good. This one thankfully soars off the adorableness and goodwill gesture charts. SoulPancake and Puppy Chow teamed up to share the #PowerofPuppies at a preschool, retirement home, and gym to transform an otherwise ordinary day. Share this video with someone that needs the power of puppies in their lives! For every video view, Puppy Chow will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank, up to 500,000 pounds or until April 23, 2016.

A High School janitor stunned audiences with his rendition of Sam Cooke’s, “A Change is Gonna Come” during his school’s Spring orchestra concert. After a student, Alex, posted a video of Roy Smith singing on Twitter, his talents began getting praise by thousands. Roy tells Inside Edition that he’s been singing since he was 13-years-old, he used to imitate James Brown and now he sings gospel. Smith, who is also a pastor sings at his church and helps people in the community.