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I’m not sure which hotel this is, but according to a redditor with a NSFW username, this photo shows a hotel’s policy for letting dogs stay in guest rooms. Every hotel should allow this for a weekend.


The Animal Rescue Site is an excellent resource, and also allows pet owners to share their heartwarming rescue stories, and recently letter had me in tears, this post took a lot longer to do, and it was just copy and paste.

When I first adopted you, I whispered to you “You gotta live forever, ‘kay?” Over the years when I would imagine life without you, I would say again to you “You gotta live forever, ‘kay?”

My body still wants to take you for a walk. Your leash still hangs by the door waiting for the words “wanna go outside?” It’s been raining a lot this week and I instinctively look at the clock to see if it’s near time to take you out.

Whenever I eat some crackers or chips, I look to see where you are so I can throw you some.

You were the perfect dog for me. So quiet…so calm. You never peed or chewed on anything. You barked so infrequently that you would scare yourself when you did.

You were with me through all the good times and the bad. You never judged me, even when I weighed 200 lbs and was sweating to the oldies. You always had a wag of the tail for me.

I loved how I could always trust you with any child. When you got older and a little more grey in the face, some of the neighbor kids started calling you Granny.

Even when you could no longer chew the hard kibble and you weren’t so interested in your toys, and had to be walked more often, I loved you so much.

You trusted me right up to the end. You believed me when I told you that you didn’t have to live forever and it’s OK to go.

I felt the life leave your body and you took a piece of me with you.

I love you sweet Jessie girl, and I’ll see you at the bridge. 1998 – 2016

Toronto’s philanthropic society and wildlife lovers are invited to World Wildlife Fund Canada’s first ever Pandamonium party on Thursday, June 23 at Andrew Richard Designs (571 Adelaide Street E.). Funds raised will help WWF-Canada continue its work protecting wildlife and wild places across Canada.

“Pandamonium provides financial support and raises ‎awareness about critical issues that face us now and in the future,” said David Miller, president and CEO of WWF-Canada. “Since the 1970s, our planet’s wildlife populations have declined by 52 per cent.But environmental organizations receive less than 3 per cent of all charitable donations in Canada. So this fundraiser is a critical part of our efforts to deliver on our conservation goals.”

With the theme of Doom & Bloom, Pandamonium will celebrate the majesty and resilience of nature. Throughout the event, guests will experience a journey of the senses, including a live performance from Juno Award-winning indie folk-rock group The Strumbellas, an immersive multimedia experience by internationally renowned digital masterminds Moment Factory, food stations catered by top chefs, complimentary drinks and much more.

Pandamonium is an evolution of WWF-Canada’s annual fundraising gala Panda Ball, which brought together members of Canada’sphilanthropic and business communities leading the next generation of conservation. WWF thanks the Royal Bank of Canada for its longtime support of Panda Ball and generosity as presenting sponsor of Pandamonium.

Tickets to Pandamonium are available for $200. VIP tickets, $400 each, include a pre-party cocktail reception featuring a one-of-a-kind interactive wildlife encounter, an intimate performance from international opera star Teiya Kasahara, a VIP gift bag, a complimentary ticket to WWF-Canada’s summer party and more. Corporate ticket packages are also available. Visit here to purchase tickets online.

Real World Records, ex-Genesis founder and great musician Peter Gabriel came to do an event around the corner from the School of Life’s London HQ: a discussion on music, philosophy, science, therapy and… apes.

Kronenbourg 1664, a French beer brand from Alsace, is launching a pop-up bar in London called Bar D’Alsace-tian. Of course, it will, happily, be staffed by Alsatian dogs. UPI reports:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be opening the doors on the world’s first bar staffed by dogs,” Kronenbourg 1664 brand director Ifeoma Dozie said. “It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the ‘Alsace-tians’ to Kronenbourg fans.”

Instead of tips, customers are encouraged to ask, “Who’s a good boy? YOU are!”

You’re having a dream, and for some reason that giant rabbit that’s about to eat you starts to sing like a bird. You wake up to find that birds are singing outside your window! Check out this SciShow Quick Question to find out why those birds sing in the morning, as opposed to, say, in the afternoon or at night.

Scientists call this phenomenon the dawn chorus, and they think it has to do with clarity of the sound. When the sun rises, it heats the ground and, in turn, the air. As the day goes on, the warm air rises, mixes with layers of cool air, and creates atmospheric turbulence, lots of pockets of air molecules moving around at different speeds. This turbulence interferes with the birdsong broadcast, making the sound less clear. Since male songbirds of the same species can sing slightly different versions of the same song, clarity is key, if a guy wants to set himself apart from the others and make sure he reaches the ladies. And it’s easiest to send a clear, complex message in the morning, when there’s not much atmospheric turbulence. Plus, singing in the morning means that a male songbird not only survived the night, but he has the time and energy to sit and sing, instead of foraging for breakfast right away.

The legal system doesn’t like to wait on small things like forms being filled out properly. When they want something, by gosh, they should have it. Just ask the West Midlands Police Department.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) kept on contacting the department, asking for a statement from Officer PC Peach related to an altercation with a criminal. Now PC Peach is a police dog. But CPS insisted despite being told PC Peach is a K9 officer. Because, you know, legalities and paperwork,

The department decided to send them this following statement signed with a paw print.


The Professional Standards Department (PSD) will be investigating the West Midlands Police Department after the statement above. I hope they can get PC Peach on the stand and they judge says afterwards, “Who’s a good boy? YOU ARE! You’re a Good boy!”

Your mediocre old hand really isn’t that lovable, so why not turn it into an adorable, wrinkly pug? That’s the magic of this set of five-finger puppets, one 2” flat-faced pug head and four 1-1/2” paws. While making your hand less practical for things like typing, cake decorating and sign language, it gives you a constant canine companion. Practice making a loud snorting noise and complete the illusion. Don’t blame us if your hand starts to take long naps, beg for pizza and snore while it sleeps; these puppets are just that realistic.

The Handipug, which includes four paws and one adorable head, is currently available to purchase from the Archie McPhee shop.