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Tiger’s exotic shorthair kittens were ecstatic when they stumbled upon a blue elephant on the jungle green floor. During their 8th week of life, the kittens befriended the elephant, earning them unlimited slides down the elephant’s smooth trunk along with free rides on its head and a new hiding place. Witness their excitement as they continue to explore their environment while hopping up and sliding down an elephant.

That’s it. It’s over. Even though this video is 4 years old, it’s making the rounds and quickly became my favourite animal video of the year. An adorable Airedale terrier named Stanley attempted to keep up his end of a phone conversation, and manages to do quite well.

Marutaro, is a hedgehog and a social media superstar who poses for silly pictures and loves to be tickled (but then, who wouldn’t love all that stuff, except for the part of being a hedgehog), and now, can play jazz whenever he walks on the keys of the family piano.

A sleeping Australian Shepherd puppy named Oakley wakes up when he hears the opening notes to “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen, gets incredibly excited, sings along with Idina Menzel, and then goes right back to sleep as soon as the song ends. Just like certain kids I know.