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“We’re going to investigate every single one of these hypotheses, and we’ll tell you what we think is the truth about it.” – Jacques Cousteau in 1978

Jacques Cousteau, the world famous oceanographer and undersea explorer who invented the Aqua-Lung, dared to go where no one had gone before. He followed his passion to both protect and better understand our world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabited them. Cousteau was 65 at the time of this recording but he was still diving and hungry for more exploration and adventure. Here’s his story.

A new study by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow finds that dogs love reggae — and soft rock. “Researchers played a variety of music to dogs at a rehoming centre in Dumbarton and assessed physiological and behavioural changes,” reports the BBC. While dogs, like humans, proved to have varying individual tastes — and while all types of music tested had a soothing effect — overall the canine subjects responded most positively to reggae and soft rock. (BBC and The Current)

Super Deluxe presents their prog-metal, pixel art take on Schoolhouse Rock with a brief educational short about the origin of the Pug dog. Cats almost ruined everything, but the diminutive dogs ultimately prevailed. I know, it came out last year, but it’s already the most-played song of 2017 for me.

What happens when your last available dog at your animal shelter gets adopted? Your staff and volunteers jump into the kennels to celebrate! The Humane Society Of The Pikes Region in Colarado launched a very successful adoption campaign titled “Bring Them Home For The Holidays”. They made sure adoption fees are waived on all cats and dogs 5 years and up, for the period started mid0December through New Year’s Eve. They’ve adopted out 25 cats and 23 dogs so far during our #HomefortheHolidays promotion, and for the second day in a row, they’ve adopted out ALL of their available dogs!

And now it just got very dusty in here.

Moose Music is sweeping the nation! Actually, just in Alaska! Ask your local moose how they can create music, and they’ll tell you! Just hang wind chimes outside your door, and get ready for some golden hits! No ticket available for these shows, it’s all free! Yeah! Woohoo!