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There’s nothing I really need to add here. No discrete subtext, no dominant words of wisdom, no words about animals or how we’re all the same. Nothing really powerfully persuasive except maybe, just maybe, we should all get outside a bit more.

Zoologist Mark Carwardine outlines just how hard whale spotting can be. And promptly gets upstaged by the biggest whale there is. This clip was taken from Big Blue Live, an exciting new live series coming soon to BBC One in the UK and PBS in the US.

Ty has pledged 100% of profits from the original sale of their new “Cecil The Lion” to WildCRU, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of University of Oxford in Oxford England. “Hopefully, this special Beanie Baby will raise awareness for animal conservation and give comfort to all saddened by the loss of Cecil,” said Ty Warner. The mission of WildCRU, founded at the University of Oxford in 1986 by Prof David Macdonald, is to achieve practical solutions to conservation problems through original scientific research. WildCRU’s work spans many species in many countries around the world. David and Dr Andrew Loveridge set up the Hwange lion study in Zimbabwe in 1999 and it is one of the longest running and most detailed lion conservation projects in Africa.

Kids! Kids! Led Zeppelin is going to perform, so don’t move, and if you look bored, that’s even better! Ready?

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