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I’m doing my part to promote the growth, care and culture of the mustache. Mustaches are often manly, sometimes villainy, and, as these 5 photos show, occasionally completely adorable on animals.






From The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Cleveland Patrol Officer Antonio Colon lost more than a partner when his longtime K-9 officer, Jet, died Feb. 24. “I made more friends with Jet by my side than at any other time on this job,” Colon said. “He made me feel as if we were movie stars, and that the city was our stage.”

Colon and the entire Cleveland Division of Police said formal goodbyes to Jet, one of the longest serving members of the Cleveland Police K-9 Unit, at a Monday memorial service at the police union hall.

Jet was 13 1/2 years old when he was euthanized Feb. 24. His health had been deteriorating, but the K-9 narcotics officer was still healthy enough for active duty until Feb. 21, Sgt. Doug Campion said.

“By the time Monday came around, things had gotten worse, and we had to make the decision,” Campion said.

But Jet, who Colon said was never one to back down, wasn’t going out without a fight. Campion said as he and Colon were walking Jet into the veterinarian’s office to be put to sleep, Jet lifted his leg and left his final mark – right on Campion’s foot.


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