Man Calls 4,000 Times. But Not For The Reason You Think.

Police tracked down a man who called 911 over 4,000 times in one week. Dispatchers were very upset over the false reports. They have to answer and track down every call. But, the man they caught wasn’t what they expected.

Emergency dispatcher Kari Bueno tells KSL-TV that, “We found out it was somebody with a disability who was just trying to listen to music. There was no intent to call 911.”

David VanBibber, 30, has a mental disability. His family says he functions on the level of an 8-year-old. He was given an old disconnected cell phone to listen to music. But, all cell phones can still call 911 without a service plan. He was accidentally calling while trying to listen to music.

The cell phone was taken away from VanBibber so he couldn’t accidentally make any more 911 calls. But, music is a big part of David’s life. The 911 operators felt bad about taking away the man’s access to music. So, they gave the man a special present at the Emergency Communications Center. They gave him an iPod Nano and a $100 iTunes gift certificate.