You Can Now Interact With a Led Zeppelin, Coldplay or Bob Dylan Video

Founded by Israeli musician and self-proclaimed tech geek Yoni Bloch, Interlude was the realization of a vision to create a new type of interactive video, offering users a seamless online video experience that enables video creators to express themselves in a new way.

It started when Yoni and his band wanted to create a unique music video that his audience would want to play over and over again. Inspired by video games and non-linear stories like “Dungeons & Dragons” that they had loved as kids, the band filmed the video with a similar structure in mind. When they discovered that no technology existed that would support their vision of online seamless interactive play, the co-founders set out to develop such technology themselves.

With their first interactive music video, the team found that given the opportunity to interact, viewers were excited to lean forward and engage, making choices that reflected their preferences and replaying the video multiple times to explore alternate paths. With digital platforms being interactive by nature, and audiences primed for interactive content, developing a platform that would inspire creativity and offer more immersive video experiences seemed obvious.

And so Interlude was born.

Now, you can yourself in the world of interactive video with project galleries, tutorials, free assets and more to inspire you.

Here’s Led Zeppelin’s Trampled Under Foot.

And have fun with Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone

Or check out Coldplay’s Ink.