How Hollywood Hooked Up With Tinder For Marketing “Spy” Movie

Earlier this month, Twentieth Century Fox hooked up with Tinder to market the comedy “Spy,” starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law, which opens later this week. Instead of a date, users were given the chance to “swipe right” (Tinder-speak for you’re interested) for free tickets to special screenings of the movie around the country.

“It completely sold out in every market,” Fox Studios president of marketing Marc Weinstock told TheWrap. “Tinder was a perfect match for our audience. They’re very strong in the 17-34 [demographic]. What could be better for a first date than a hilarious comedy?”

The response to the Tinder promo was dramatic. Within days, 27,000 people signed up for 15,000 available tickets in 50 different markets. More importantly, users who scored free tickets were asked to tweet about it — and they did. The event generated more than 17 million impressions on social media, all with the hashtag #Spytacular.

Via The Wrap