Toronto’s Sonic Boom Will Create 7-Inch Picture Disc Of Anything You Want

Toronto record store Sonic Boom and Andy March of Monotype Audio Disk Cutting (and also cassette label Craft Singles and local band Crosss) has set up a lathe record cutter in store and will create a 7-inch picture disc of absolutely anything you want.

The mono discs can hold up to seven minutes of audio per side and turn at 33 rpm. March is even able to add any image you want right onto the record. Single cuttings go for a measly $14.99 (about $12 USD), and March is willing to go up to orders of 50, with pricing varying by order size. The audio reportedly sounds great, and as you can see above, they look fantastic.

The cuttings occur live on the Sonic Boom floor from 10 a.m. to midnight Friday through Sunday. You can walk right in and place an order, or email

Via CoS