Radio DJ Discovers AC/DC’s Formula For The Perfect Song Ending, And The Results Are Awesome

Phoenix radio DJ Paul “Neanderpaul” Marshall has taken the time to complete the wholly unnecessary but altogether enlightening task of sequencing “almost every AC/DC song ever recorded” — he omitted the few of their tracks that utilise the classic fadeout — because he “thought it’d be ‘funny’ to see how many times AC/DC ends their songs in a similar fashion”.

The result? Well, let’s just say that you should probably prepare yourself for more power chords than you could shake the horns at over the next two-and-a-half minutes (plus a few hilarious vocal spasms for good measure). And, yes, these are all taken from different songs.

“It took a LONG time to go through,” Marshall wrote. “I promise you, no song was repeated.”

Via The Music