Live Music At McDonald’s? Yes, But Only In Nashville

McDonald's on the northwest corner of 12th Ave. and Broadway, in the Gulch.

My colleagues and I noticed the McDonald’s marquee while walking back to Scene HQ from a restaurant that serves real food earlier this afternoon, and I decided to step in and inquire: Is it really possible to simultaneously take advantage of free tunes and free mini tubs of sweet and sour sauce on a Friday night in Nashville?

According to Gulch Mickey D’s manager Billy Walker, the answer is yes, but not at the location in question. Walker tells the Scene that the Gulch McFlurry and McNugget provider recently discontinued the short-lived live music series, which launched “about two months ago.” (Side note: We’re not sure if those prices on bags of ice are still current.) Walker says the live music series was of the country variety, and that it did draw a crowd. “A lot of people [liked it],” he says, going on to inform us that the Music Valley McDonald’s, on Rudy Cir., near Opryland, still hosts live music.

Via Nashville Scene