That time Sassy Magazine had their own boardgame

The game is all about you … and your friends! You’ll get to say what you think! Are you SASSY enough to share your secrets?

Sassy was a teen girls magazine that folded in 1994, never quite able to summon the advertising strength of other teen mags. Maybe that’s because it was different. Sassy assumed that the girls reading it were smart and worldly; articles about alternative music trends and edgy fashion were set among pieces about alcoholic parents and dealing with STDs. Sassy, according to Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, the authors of How Sassy Changed My Life, had a smart, strong feminist message, giving them more than advice on how to land the boy of your dreams or how to starve yourself until you are loveable. How that great magazine translated to this hard-to-find boardgame (in which there is no board) is a little more complicated. The rules are hard to discern (though the drunken, foul-mouthed team from Beer and Board Games make an effort at it), but the goal seems to have been to be the first player to collect awards in the categories of Awareness, Brains, Confidence, Love, Sensitivity, and Talent. The other players vote on whether or not each girl’s answer to questions on those topics is deserving of a Sassy or Non-Sassy point. There is no telling the amount of women, many who’ve grown from Sassy girls to women with the brains, power, and ferocity to shape culture and society, would delight in the re-issue of this game.