Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson Has Pre-War Gibson Six String Banjo Stolen, And You Can Help

I need your help with this one…It seems that musicians are getting their stuff stolen a lot these days, and now it happened to Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar. He just posted this last night on Facebook – if you’re reading this, I know you love music, and you also hate when this happens to people. I’m putting out a plea to share his note through Facebook and help Gordie out.

Thanks in advance, it really means a lot over here.

My pre-war Gibson Six String Banjo that I have owned for 15 years, played, wrote and recorded with on tour and on record, is gone. Stolen? For sure missing. It was last seen at Brandon Manitoba March 2015 during the final show of the Big Sugar Yardstyle Tour. All theories as to where it might be have come up snake-eyes.

I am destroyed.

If anyone has seen or heard of its whereabouts please contact us at . This instrument was lost due to employee negligence and so the person who has it will in no way be considered a thief.

It is quite unique in that it has playing card ” heart spade diamond ” carved into the face of the headstock (not factory) and a very elaborate flower pot painting on the back of the resonator (original).

If memory serves, it may still have a very dark yellow (almost green) sticker on the back of the headstock with the original guitar store name where it was first purchased.

This is what the back looks like and a link to some footage of it being played. 

Many years ago my 1969 Gibson ES-335 was stolen and eventually returned through the kindness of strangers. I am very blessed to have it back.

The loss of this banjo has affected me deeply, I pray and remain optimistic that all people are basically good hearted and that it will be discovered and returned. Of course, a sizable reward is being offered to the kind soul who finds and returns it.

Please share if you can.