Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood: “Surviving’s cool!”

“I want to die with my boots on, hopefully still in this band. It would be the greatest irony in the world after this band was so legendary for personnel changes, if this lineup lasted for the rest of our lives, and we all died as old men playing together. “Yeah, back in the oughts, this band went through five bass players and five third guitar players, and all of a sudden this lineup stayed together for 30 years.” [Laughs] It could happen, it’s such a good place we’re in now. None of us are 22 and stupid any more, which I don’t mean as a slur against any particular stupid 22 year-old, because I think we were all stupid at 22. We’ve lived through that, and come out the other side. Hell, Jason Isbell is well up in his 30s now, and Lord knows he’s not stupid, he’s got his shit together about better than anybody I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be prouder of what he’s doing, and how well he’s doing it, from a personal and a professional and artistic level. Surviving’s cool.”

Via Billboard