That Time John Lennon And Yoko Ono Jammed With Frank Zappa

Released in 1972, Some Time in New York City is John Lennon’s third post-Beatles solo album, fifth with Yoko Ono, and third with producer Phil Spector. The original double album contained the live album Live Jam containing the Plastic Ono Supergroup’s December 15 1969 live performance of “Cold Turkey” and “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)” at the Lyceum Ballroom in London, from a UNICEF charity show, billed as the “Peace for Christmas Concert”. In addition to Lennon and Ono, as part of the super group among others was former-Beatle George Harrison, The Who’s drummer Keith Moon, Delaney & Bonnie, Billy Preston and Legs Larry Smith. Harrison, who before the performance had been touring with Delaney & Bonnie, was excited by Lennon’s proposal over a phone call when asked if he wanted to play with him. The ballroom had its interior cover by posters declaring “WAR IS OVER, if you want it, love John and Yoko. For “Cold Turkey”, Ono had sat inside a white bag which was located near Lennon’s feet, while for “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)”, Ono jumped out of the bag, facing the crowd, and proceeded to scream at them. As the latter song got towards the end of its performance, Ono broke down crying.

The album also featured a recording of Lennon and Ono performing with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention at the Fillmore East on June 6, 1971, which they performed with after the persistence of Andy Warhol. The performance was documented after Ono had arranged for someone to film it.