How Spotify’s Data Insights Propel Their Strategy

Spotify’s deep reservoir of listener data provides a wealth of insights about behaviors and preferences that can inform not only how to be a better platform for consumers, but also how to achieve infinitely better results for advertisers. In this presentation from hivio 2015, the audio future festival, Brian Benedik, Spotify’s VP and Global Head of Ad Monetization, reveals some of those amazing insights.

From Mark Ramsey: What if music genres are a lot less important to how listeners tune in music than “use case” moments? That is, what if what you want to do while you’re listening is more important than the genre you are listening to?

That’s just one insight from Spotify’s deep dive into their massive dataset.

Think about the implications of that for a moment. It suggests that you should spend less time trumpeting your genre and more time trumpeting the moments that your genre is suited for in the lives of your listeners.