Is Myspace Making A Resurgence For Musicians In Social Media?

Back in 2006 when Myspace was at its height, there was more musical activity on that site alone than any other site on the web according to Jupiter Research. But then Facebook’s rise quickly overshadowed Myspace and then a disastrous buyout destroyed it further. A new company bought the site in 2011 and their work is starting to show results.

In the year 2013, visits to the site increased by 469% according to Comstock and they are continuing to grow. The reason for this is Myspace’s decision to focus solely on music and video content. Unlike more personal listening sites like Spotify or Pandora, Myspace focuses on musical connections between your friends and with musicians and other artists.

Many independent artists are even using Myspace as their main website because it the users of the site are so music-focused. Unlike most other social media sites, an account is not necessary to view a Myspace page. This gives a big advantage if you need to suddenly change your tour around.

Via MusicThinkTank