Fleep: 2 in 1 comfort mattress is astoundinnnggg….zzzzzzzzz

It’s been a long time since my Sesame Street Toddler Bed, a sturdy and cheerful piece of furniture I clearly remember. It was equipped with two rails, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of me, or rather, me getting out of bed, as well as my parents peace of mind. The medium support mattress, though, is really what I can remember, bouncing up and down at night to the moon and back (my imagination) and sometimes falling off the bed missing my mark as I fall from space (THAT was real).

Mattress buying is one of the things in life you never think of doing until you have to. You do your research and look for a particular coil count, check out the layers of good quality foam or maybe even latex or memory foam if you’re trying to go for the more high-end, quality ones. And then you just lie down on a bunch of them, close your eyes, and pretend you’re in the deep sleep of 9 hours. But you’re in a mall or store, and it’s akin to widely dancing at a wedding. It’s not a real club, and this really isn’t my bedroom.

I usually don’t get more than a handful of hours of sleep, and it’s broken up by Indigo needing to go outside in the middle of the night. These nights could almost pass for soothing. But when I had the opportunity to try the Fleep’s mattress in our house, I took it. Fleep made its North American market debut in November with its launch of a revolutionary mattress offering two-way comfort, available exclusively online. An emerging company founded by two young entrepreneurs with a unique product idea, Fleep exceeds market standards for both comfort and customer satisfaction.



Its simplicity also extends to its packaging – the mattress is compressed and rolled and comes in a compact, easy-to-transport box the size of a golf bag. The mattress is packaged rolled up in a vacuum-packed bag, and expanded with great amusement when sliced open. WHAT SORT OF WIZARDRY IS THIS? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING, AND DID I MISS ALL OF THIS IN SCIENCE CLASS?


20 minutes later, I went upstairs, hoping the mattress would stop growing. Although, part of me wished it wouldn’t. “Hello, Police? My roof has been crushed from INSIDE by my mattress. Yes, I’ll hold.” It was now in it’s full size, and because it adapts to all flat surfaces – slatted bed base or mine, which is a bed base with slats spaced about 5 inches apart. Fleep is also right at home on any kind of platform bed or solid bed base.

Since it was late at night, I immediately began putting the mattress and two pillows provided onto the bed, and laid down. Fleep’s expertise is felt right away as it absorbed my movement, and supported my spine, helping prevent back pain down the line. It instantly provided cozy comfort that molds perfectly to the contours of my body and couldn’t wait to actually go to sleep.

Which was 5 minutes later. I closed my eyes, with the lights on, and because Fleep’s firm side provided perfect support for my entire body all night long, I didn’t wake up until the morning. Indigo gave me a night off.

Hannah is taking away my comfort.
Hannah tires out the Fleep mattress.

Fleep offers consumers two levels of firmness: one side consists of perforated gel-infused memory foam that’s beautifully soft, while the other side is made with perforated instant response foam. I can choose the firmness that suits me best after sleeping on both sides for a number of nights.

This is the greatest mattress I’ve ever had. Seriously. Fleep’s creative process has energized me. The Fleep memory foam pillow adjusts perfectly to the way I sleep, completing my perfect bed. They offer free shipping, and delivered in just 3 nights in a box straight to your office, home, or cottage. Jason Monfette and David Gélinas, long-time friends and business partners, have combined their respective entrepreneurial skills to create a fun company in Fleep selling relaxation, how cool is that? It’s made from 100% QC/Canadian materials, so you know it’s the best quality, made right here in this country. And here’s the best part in case you don’t believe me – they offer a 111-night trail and a 10-year warranty. This kind of policy shows Fleep got the whole package right from the start, making your next mattress purchase irresistible as it is comfortable.

So enjoy those moments with your new Fleep mattress. And then, let’s all treat ourselves to a nap.