Matador Records releases 1997 kid’s TV show “What’s Up Matador” featuring Liz Phair, Ira Kaplan, and Bill Boggs

Matador Records has launched a new website titled “This Day In Matador History,” the brainchild of Matador co-founder Chris Lombardi.  The interactive site serves as a gateway for fans of Matador, both new and old, to explore the label’s 27-year history and archive.  Perhaps it’s a long-forgotten gem from Matador’s early days, or a release from the 00s that deserves a revisit — the intent is to celebrate Matador’s remarkable catalog, encouraging discovery/re-discovery with easy-to-access links to Spotify, iTunes, Matador Store, Amazon, and Discogs.

Over time, the site will be updated with additional notable events in Matador history — the launch of key music videos, memorable shows, and perhaps even some fake album releases just to keep fans on their toes.

In the words of Matador Records co-founder Gerard Cosloy:

“It’s not that Matador’s founder and co-owners have no appreciation for music history. It isn’t that they’re allergic to nostalgia.  It isn’t even that they’re so obsessed with the future and/or they prefer to judge on the merits of stuff that’s happening right now.

No, the sad truth of the matter is that we’ve done so much damage to our hearing and brains, that we simply don’t remember important events in Matador lore. Much like, you, we require assistance.  Think I’m kidding?  What other label of this stature would totally ignore it’s own 25th Anniversary and all the accompanying cash grab / self-congratulatory opportunities?

That’s exactly the sort of monumental gaffe that wouldn’t have gone down had we taken the time to properly chronicle Matador’s story in WEBSITE/CALENDAR FORM.   27 years in, we’re finally getting shit right.   Please enjoy (and keep in mind everything we’re doing right now is 1000% better).”

To coincide with this launch, Matador has released its 1997 cinematic and comedic masterpiece “What’s Up Matador,” now on YouTube for the first time ever.  Originally released on VHS in tandem with the synonymous double LP/CD compilation, the faux-educational film was created by Clay Tarver (guitarist of Chavez and writer/co-producer of “Silicon Valley”), hosted by Bill Boggs (1980s NYC TV fixture, 4-time Emmy winner, and executive producer of “The Morton Downey Show”), and shot in front of a live studio audience of children at an elementary school in New Jersey.  Highlights include current label president Patrick Amory describing the album mastering process, Ira Kaplan explaining his pedal board, an illustrated story of Matador’s creation by Railroad Jerk’s Marcellus Hall, a Matador mascot-cum-barrista (yes like the bullfighter), Run On’s guide to touring, a live Q&A with Liz Phair, and many more sketches and classic music videos.