Jazz FM Presents Music Business Seminars For The Jazz Community

On Sunday, April 10, JAZZ FM will host another of their will-be successful seminar exclusively designed for Ontario’s JAZZ community. It happens from 11:00AM-5:15pm at the Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria Street, Toronto and with free admission, there’s no excuse if you want to break into the music industry.

This seminar is exclusively designed for Ontario’s JAZZ community, featuring a day of workshops and networking curated to advance your performing, recording and touring careers. Join Top players in the industry, both onstage and behind-the-scenes at Toronto’s fabulous Jazz Bistro where you’ll get the inside track on how to grow and thrive.

After the full day of inspiring and informative workshops and speakers, the Jazz Bistro will host a showcase of young, up and coming artists who will get to strut their musical stuff for industry luminaries.

They’ve lined up some pretty amazing speakers including, Sophie Millman (chanteuse extraordinaire), Richard Underhill (Shuffle Demons), Aaron Davis (Holly Cole), Jane Harbury (one of Canada’s top publicists), Jae Gold (accountant to the stars), Josh Grossman (artistic director, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival) and Brad Barker (JAZZ.FM91 music director, host of Afternoon Drive).

To register for this free seminar, go here.