60 Questions In An Hour With Rogers #LifeIn4K

Because of my degree in English and Mass Communications, I ask my daughter, Hannah, a number of specific questions a day for help in truly surviving. I’m sure it’s an exhausting, somewhat bewildering experience for her to truly be the head of the household. From school to play to watching movies and sports on our Rogers 4K TV and NextBox, I’m really starting to feel unsteady in the simple tasks everyone else seems to master, like actually turning on the TV on a day of no school. Good thing my wife Candace lets me pretend I’m the man of the house. Evan if I have to call Rogers for help. This is an actual conversation from last week.

1. How was school?
2. What do you mean there was no school?
3. Why was there no school?
4. Today is Saturday?
5. How many bowls of Fruit Loops is enough to get my daily need of Vitamin B?
6. Why should I stop reading the side of the cereal box?
7. Can you turn on the TV?
8. Umm, should it take longer than 2 seconds to turn on the TV?
9. On a scale of 1–10 how awesome is the Rogers 4K TV?
10. I don’t think eleventeen is a number, is it?
11. How do I find the baseball game?
12. Should I be concerned there are too many baseball games for me to watch?
13. Are there other teams other than the Toronto Blue Jays even worth caring about?
14. No, that’s not a rhetorical question. Or is it?
15. Why is the TV making a soft, gentle noise?
16. How do you know that’s Adele playing instead of the TV?
17. Oh. How did you know that was my computer playing instead of the TV?
18. Why is there peanut butter on the back of the couch?
19. What did I just say?
20. What do you like best about me?
21. Why is that a silly question?
22. Uh. Oh. Who broke the TV?
23. I didn’t break it. Or did I?
24. Where’s the number to the TV people?
25. Where’s that instructions manual?
26. Where’s my phone?
27. What’s the wi-fi password?
28. Really?
29. How do you spell that?
30. How come there are no vowels in that word?
31. It’s ringing, I think?
32. Can you turn down Adele for a moment?
32. Hello?
33. HI! It’s Eric Alper, and I broke the TV I think?
32. The model number?
33. Samsung’s 4K SUHD TV I have the Rogers NextBox. Is that correct?
34. Which button?
35. The red one?
36. Yes, I think I see it?
37. Hit it?
38. OK, now what?
39. It should come on?
40. Hannah, did the TV come on yet?
41. It worked! Are you a genius?
42. Want to come over and watch the game?
43. You can’t?
44. Got it. Talk to you soon?
45. Hannah, I think the TV is working?
46. Who’s playing?
47. Is that grass on the field?
48. How many blades of grass are there are on the field?
49. I don’t know, 75,000?
50. Why would I want to count them?
51. Can you pass the popcorn?
52. What do you mean you finished it?
53. Can I make more?
54. Of course I can make more! I can make my own food, can’t I?
55. Candace?
56. Can you make some popcorn?
57. Don’t you remember the last time I used the oven?
58. Weren’t those firemen cute?
59. Wanna watch the game with us?
60. Why are you laughing?

In all seriousness, you don’t even have to speak to another human being over the phone if you don’t want to – ever again! There are many ways to reach out to a Rogers’ rep if you’re ever experiencing issues with your cable box. You no longer have to sit on the phone with a rep at any time – there’s Facebook chat, Twitter support, MyRogers App for instant support, but if you did want to talk to a real, live person, you don’t even have to wait for them – Rogers will even call YOU when you’re next in line.

For those that have yet to experience #LifeIn4K with Rogers 4K, I have had the best summer catching our boys in blue in all of their 4K glory (the replays alone make it worthwhile and crispy clear) thanks to my TV provided by Samsung and 4K set-top box provided by Rogers. The best is yet to come, with the hockey season gearing up and home games being shown through this immersive 4K experience.

And that means, no question, #LifeIn4K gets better and better.