The greatest scamming a scammer ever! This guy is my new hero.

James Veitch, a London-based comedian who enjoys nothing more than trolling pesky internet scammers is my new hero. His book, Dot Con: The Art of Scamming A Scammer is packed full of Nigerian princes, can’t-miss investment opportunities and eligible Russian brides, and his correspondence leads to surprising, bizarre and hilarious results. See below for one such hilarious instance.

See below for one of the many funny conversations he’s had with various unsuspecting scammers. This one involves somebody called “Solomon” who wants to sell him 25kgs of gold. But the only thing gold about this particular exchange is the way that James strings the foolish fraudster along before the conversation reaches its hilarious conclusion. He’s even compiled his funny exchanges into a book called “Dot Con,” which is available on Amazon.

More info: James Veitch | Amazon

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