This Crosley Dansette Turntable Is A Stunner

No doubt the modern resurgence of the turntable bears testimony to the rekindled romance of listening to one’s music on the purest form it was meant to be heard–analog. And there’s no need to abandon the fun-loving styles from yesteryear. Let Crosley reintroduction of the Dansette Series take you to a time where these simple yet iconic styles ruled. In the Mid 1960’s, at the height of its popularity, the British-branded Dansette player came to be known as virtually a household staple. These vibrant artifacts clearly define a statement in pop culture from days gone by. This portable player can be taken on the go or attached to the included legs to quickly become a furniture-style statement in any setting. Enjoy your albums in classic style with modern convenience.

There are so many stores now selling turntables (even though vinyl sales dropped this year.) What sets this retro-style record player apart from others is its ability to stand as a piece of furniture all on its own. It has a pair of full-range speakers built in, plays vinyl at 33-1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, and has an AUX input for other music sources.

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Crosley Dansette Turntable