Tegan and Sara have created a new foundation aimed at empowering LGBTQ girls and women

Tegan and Sara have created a perfect extension of their work, identity, and commitment to supporting and building progressive social change.  The twin sisters have created The Tegan and Sara Foundation working for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. The foundation will work in partnership and solidarity with other organizations fighting for LGBTQ and women’s rights, raising funds and awareness. Their mission is founded on a commitment to feminism and racial, social and gender justice, fighting the inequality that prevents LGBTQ girls and women from reaching their full potential.

In a statement on their website, the twin sisters write, “LGBTQ girls and women are disproportionately affected by poverty. 23% of lesbian women live in poverty. Women of color are 3 times more likely to live in poverty than white, LGB women. Transgender women are four times more likely to have a household income under $10,000 and twice as likely to be unemployed. One in five transgender women have reported being homeless at some point in their lives.

“LGBTQ women have higher rates of obesity, gynecological cancer, depression, suicide and tobacco/alcohol abuse. Discriminatory laws, provider bias, insurance exclusions and inadequate reproductive health coverage leave 29% of LGBTQ women struggling to pay for health insurance.

“Less than 1% of TV characters are lesbian. Since the start of 2016, 25 queer female characters have been killed on-screen – continuing a decades-long trend.”