Buzzangle Music Announces Shazam Data Integration

BuzzAngle Music, the leading innovator in music consumption analytics, today announced integration of global data from Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps. It marks the first time Shazam data is available in a comprehensive analytics platform like BuzzAngle Music. The data provided from Shazam includes the number of Shazams for every song within a given market and country, as well as further breakdowns for age, gender and information regarding user engagement with the track pages.

The importance and value of the Shazam data to BuzzAngle’s users will be in the ability to view the number of Shazams alongside existing consumption data— such as song sales, song streams and song airplay—in all charts, reports and dashboards. The Shazam data is available immediately as a premium upgrade option within the standard BuzzAngle Music service.

“Shazam has been downloaded over 1 billion times and people around the globe are Shazaming 20 million times each day,” said Richard Westover, Head of Music Data Services at Shazam. “Our proprietary data is an unparalleled asset for the industry and in artists’ strategies. We are very excited to be part of BuzzAngle’s advanced platform and help their analytics be even more comprehensive.”

“Programming has always been a balance of science and art,” said Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer at iHeartMedia. “The data available at our fingertips is increasingly more sophisticated thanks to BuzzAngle. Having this Shazam data will make it even more powerful.”

“We are excited to partner with Shazam to again provide a first for the music industry. Providing the Shazam data alongside consumption statistics will provide even greater insight into the discovery and popularity growth of songs,” said Jim Lidestri, CEO of Border City Media, the makers of BuzzAngle Music.

Shazam has continued to build upon its global leadership in music discovery and deepen the connections between artists and fans, in addition to its visual recognition and augmented reality features. Through integrated partnerships with leading music companies from around the world, Shazam delivers a complete music experience including videos, lyrics and recommendations. There are also almost 9,000 artists verified on Shazam that are sharing content with their followers.

Since its official launch in May 2016, BuzzAngle has been the leading innovator in music-consumption analytics by being the first to offer daily updates; the first to develop a global platform; the first to develop a dashboard-driven system; the first to show streaming data at a market level; and the first to show both major and independent label and distributor market share based on streaming and total consumption. BuzzAngle is the only platform that allows users to create individualized reports on a daily basis, and in multiple countries. BuzzAngle methodology allows for more than 10 trillion combinations of individualized reports for albums, songs, artists, labels and distributors.

Music consumption, measured by streaming and multiple sales configurations, has become increasingly complicated to track, but BuzzAngle Music provides the tools that deliver meaningful information that the music industry needs immediately. BuzzAngle’s platform provides countless sorting options, such as daily album and song sales, streaming activity, and radio airplay, all of which can be broken out market by market; Determinations on marketing, promotion and live concert tours can be made based on the driving forces of consumption; label promotion staff and station program directors can determine which songs are truly taking hold in a particular market; A&R departments rely heavily on BuzzAngle Music data to identify emerging artists.