oiid Launches Music Platform And Is Granted Exclusive Digital Release Of New Esperanza Spalding Album, “Exposure”

In tandem with its philosophy of allowing music fans the opportunity to step inside the music and close the gap between artists and their fans, oiid, a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology company based in Norway, is thrilled to announce its official global launch with the exclusive digital release of Esperanza Spalding’s new album, “Exposure.”

oiid’s technology provides music lovers around the world access to listen to songs differently, allowing users the ability to dissect each instrument stem-by-stem (aka instrument-by-instrument) — allowing a unique listening experience from their favorite artists. Fans will be able to interact with and uniquely remix the songs on every level – from vocals to drums to guitar etc. – allowing for an unrivaled and immersive music experience, and can also activate exclusive play-along stories, liner notes and behind-the-scenes features.

In tandem with this is an unprecedented partnership with Concord Records, which will feature songs from its artists and catalogue in conjunction with oiid’s u technology. Partnerships with other labels will be announced shortly.

On September 12th, beginning at 9 AM and over the course of 77 hours, bassist-composer-songwriter Spalding created an unprecedented album live on Facebook – utilizing oiid’s video production in front of a global audience. Called “Exposure,” the project brought its audience into the process of recording an album, revealing the magic that arises from spontaneous creativity. Over 3 million fans across the globe were reached during the recording and as guest artists Robert Glasper and Lalah Hathaway joined the project, additional fans such as Don Cheadle and Bilal joined the social media fray.

Though only 7,777 physical copies were made, Esperanza is pleased to be able to bring the audience even closer to the music through oiid’s digital platform. Spalding said, “We made an amazing batch of music, and now we’re able to share the process in an unprecedented way. I love that oiid saw the connection between what they want their app to do, and what I wanted this project to do: dissolve the distance between artists’ work and their listeners.”