Kendrick Lamar: How To MC

He’s the greatest MC of his era. Is it even a question? But how did he get to be that? Toure talked to Kendrick Lamar to find out how Kendrick became Kendrick. In this conversation we talk about how Kendrick got to be so good—how do you practice? How do you develop as an MC? What are his favorite words? They also talk about his best verses and his best song. And the impact of seeing dead bodies on the street when he was a kid. He’s a man who’s obsessed with hiphop, so he practiced intensely and constantly, but he’s also willing to accept failure. His success—his amazing music—is built atop lots and lots of private failures that helped him learn his craft and become a master MC.

Toure Show is successful people talking about their success. What tactics, attitudes, and strategies fueled their success? How’d they deal with failure? What can you learn from their journey that’ll help fuel your rise? Here’s a quote from Kendrick to get you started:

“Writing terrible verses. Writing terrible hooks. Your homeboys and your friends and people that you trust telling you that’s garbage. And growing thick skin and getting back in there and doing it all over again. That’s practice.”