Marc Cohn To Release Instant Live Recordings On VNUE’s

VNUE, Inc. is partnering with Grammy-winning soul singer/songwriter Marc Cohn on his upcoming tour, recording each show beginning February 16 and making content available for download within 24 hours via VNUE’s

Cohn, who rose to fame with the smash hit “Walking in Memphis,” recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his platinum-selling self-titled debut with a special tour performing the album in its entirety from start to finish. With his 2018 tour, Cohn continues to dig into the treasure chest of his rich and evocative songs, with a focus on spontaneity and audience connection. No two performances are alike, and requests are always taken, making for an intimate grab bag of a set full of big hits, deep cuts and surprises.

After winning a Grammy for his soulful ballad “Walking in Memphis,” Marc Cohn solidified his place as one of this generation’s most compelling singer/songwriters, combining the precision of a brilliant tunesmith with the passion of a great soul man. Rooted in the rich ground of American rhythm and blues, soul and gospel and possessed of a deft storyteller’s pen, he weaves vivid, detailed, often drawn-from-life tales that evoke some of our most universal human feelings: love, hope, faith, joy, heartbreak.

A portion of each ticket sold for the tour, which begins February 14 at New York City’s City Winery, will benefit God’s Love We Deliver, the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses.

“Marc has long been regarded one of the most soulful and powerful performers in the music business, with a truly unique perspective on roots music – and of course, ‘Walking in Memphis’ has long held a special place in my heart as a resident of that great city,” Zach Bair, CEO of VNUE and “instant music” pioneer DiscLive, said. “The fans who experience this live will surely want to relive this music forever, and with VNUE’s, they’ll be able to do just that.”

“I’ve had so much fun digging into the vault of my past work throughout recent performances, and this upcoming tour will be no exception,” Cohn said. “I want each show to have its own unique feel and setlist, so it’s a natural fit for VNUE and to capture each one individually and let the fans live them over and over again.”


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