Henry Rollins on the simplicity of the old days

There’s things to be said about the simplicity of the old days. The more successful you are, the more issues that pop up. Little, stressful things that make me understand why my dad might have been a dick sometimes. I catch myself saying things that my parents would say—”The bills are just piling up”—and I’m like, “I remember when I didn’t have any bills!” But I didn’t have any money, either. So, the scale is always tipping one way or another. I’m not saying to feel bad for me at all, because I am completely happy where I am and I am completely happy where I’ve been. But I often look back at those early days, playing a shitty club with no green room and having to sit at the merch table all night and eating only two tacos. Those are some of my fondest memories. – Henry Rollins