Lottie From Goat Girl Gets It Right When It Comes To Gender And Music

Do you think being part of a band with only women has been a good thing or do you see it as a neutral point?

Lottie, Goat Girl: I don’t think you should strive to create an all-female band, that’s not what we intentionally did, it’s just because we love working together and we’re all really good friends; at the end of the day, that’s what you need over everything. That relationship with each other when you know what each other is thinking and this almost telepathic way of working, where one of us comes up with a song and everybody instantly kind of gets it. That’s the kind of connection you need to strive for to build a band, and gender isn’t necessarily important to that. Maybe it is in a way as we’re all female, maybe there’s a certain energy that we have working together because of that, but it’s not something we intentionally went for to have an all-female band.

That in itself is strange, that people see us as a “female band” – not just a band – that you have to have the gender associated with it. It’s something that just doesn’t exist for guys. It becomes a selling point, which is when I have a problem with it. It’s good to use your gender to inspire people, to show that everyone can do it and it’s an open opportunity, but I don’t think people should necessarily acknowledge that it’s just because we’re females.