Alan Parsons Rocks The Rockies For August Master Class

Destination Studios are back in vogue and Dark Side Of The Moon engineer, multi-platinum producer and artist Alan Parsons has chosen Eagle Wind Sound in the Colorado Rockies as the location for his upcoming recording master class.

Held the weekend of August 10th/11th/12th, the event lets attendees observe and participate in the recording of a new song for Parsons’ upcoming album. Featured musicians include Alan Parsons Live Project vocalist PJ Olsson and renowned ‘cellist Michael Fitzpatrick, who has accompanied His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the past fifteen years as part of the Tuning The Planet project.

Attendees are fully integrated into the session, which makes this a unique and intense learning experience. The first day features the set up, miking and recording of drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, a full compliment of vocals from PJ Olsson, and an original ‘cello part recorded by Michael Fitzpatrick.

Day Two is a day of ‘de-compression.’ “Something of a Magical Mountain Mystery Tour” says Alan. There’ll be a raft of outdoor activities where everyone can let their hair down and chat about music, recording, and the general meaning of life, concluding with a ‘GastroSonic’ gourmet dinner at a local mountain resort.

The final day is back down to business with a full mix session. “This is key,” says event producer Julian Colbeck; “At most of our master classes we’re pushed for time and Alan can rarely do more than a rough mix. Here, attendees will have a golden opportunity to see Alan in action on a dedicated mix session.” Followers of Alan Parsons’ award-winning Art And Science Of Sound Recording video series will now be able to observe Parsons’ many unique mixing skills and techniques; up-close, personal, and live.

With seats limited to 15, the ticket price includes all activities and the gourmet dinner on Day Two plus travel from and back to Denver International Airport from the studio.

The Colorado master class is the latest in a series of live training events for music producers and educators put on by ASSR—the organization behind Parsons’ and Colbeck’s ten hour video series, hardback text book, music stems for remixing (Session Files), and online testing programs.