The Darbies ARE Rock & Roll And Just Released Their Latest Video For “End Of The Love”

The Darbies are an up and coming band that can be summed up in three words… Rock and Roll. That is the motto they live by and it shows through in the bands powerful riffs, fetterless passion, and wild personas.

Jani is the voice of a new generation. With a unique, strange, charismatic and energetic way of unwinding on stage, Jani’s wild and powerful singing dominates all surroundings. Ronny is the lead guitarist. He is a beast. A hungry player with a natural sense for rock n roll. His showmanship and superb ability produce sounds that trembles through those who dare to watch. Nico on the drums. He is freight train. A blasting drummer with wild energy, charisma and a unique way of playing that engages the audience right away. Joe is the bassist. He is definitely crazy. The groove and the base of the tower. His attitude and passion drives everyone to his own world of rock n roll!

The Darbies are hungry, and their live shows are explosively unpredictable. It’s the combination of young dudes playing from off the top of their instincts where no rules apply. The Darbies music is the new classic rock that new generations are enlightened to follow.

From a broken hearted experience, End Of The Love was inspired and made into a powerful and meaningful song. What it seemed an eternal love, inevitably ceased into its end leaving within words of melancholia eager to be spoken, electrifying music that speaks for itself and scripts about overcoming life.