Relive Avicii’s Incredible First Essential Mix – The Legendary Debut

Tim Bergling’s recent demise had left the entire world shell-shocked.  We all know him by the name Avicii. A prodigy in Dance Music, he made his debut in 2010 with his album,” Essential Mix”, breaking all records. He was one of the youngest pop-innovators of the Electronic Dance Music genre of music. This mix did sum up and set the tone for EDM and featured the first broadcast of Avicii’s signature anthem ‘Levels’.

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The Late Avicii redefined the meaning of incredibility with his music, which is no wonder that he was a recipient of two MTV Music Awards and a nominee for several Grammy Awards. In the year 2010, he had appeared on BBC’s Radio 1 for a debut Essential Mix which will be remembered now in the days and years to come. The speciality of his music is the way it strikes a melancholic chord into the hearts of the listeners. The speed at which he launched his remix albums one after the other, right during his beginner days was only a proof of the enormous talent and potential that he possessed.

Listening to this Essential Mix couldn’t have been more nostalgic to listen to now than at the time when it had released, given the emotional significance, all the Late Avicii’s albums are creating right now. And just a few days ago, it was aired on BBC 1 as a tribute to the deceased Swedish Dance Music Superstar.  Back in the year 2010, Avicii had just released his first hit single,” Seek Bromance” and was on the cusp of superstardom with two of his songs, “Levels” and “Fade into Darkness”, both of which he had teased out in the Essential Mix. And by the end of 2011, the world got to know about a young Swedish DJ who took the music world, especially the Electronic Dance Music world by storm.

His 2012 performance in Cream fields was and still can be regarded as one of his greatest performances ever. Whizzing through an electric 60-minute setlist that also included Rudimental opening track ‘Feel the Love’ and the Otto Knows remix of ‘Lies’ by Burns amidst the heavy rain pouring down on the crowd, primarily hailing from Daresbury.

His popularity was so enormous that he was approached by most leading pop stars across the world and has also collaborated with them, thus producing great remix versions of the already hit songs. His collaboration with Chris Martin’s Coldplay to co-produce this single only further boosted his popularity and talent. He may no longer be with us around, but his music will continue to inspire and revolutionise the world of EDM and international music.