How to Increase Restaurant Sales: The Ultimate Guide

In the hospitality business, sales will fluctuate depending on the competition, the season and the economy among other factors. However, one factor remains constant.

The urge to increase sales.

Even the biggest restaurants in the world are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales, so why shouldn’t you? Read on to learn the various ways you can increase your restaurant sales.

1.      Make Use of Social Media

Social media continues to prove itself as a strong marketing tool for any business and restaurants are no different.

The best part about this is it’s free and it doesn’t need tons of expertise to master. In addition, you only need a few minutes of your time in a day to engage with your followers online on a personal level.

Over a period, you’ll have a large online community which will go beyond borders. Something you may not have envisioned for your business. Besides, engaging with your online followers builds a relationship based on friendship and trust, which results in increased sales.

2.      Start a Loyalty Program

LevelUp conducted a survey and found out loyalty program members of restaurants spend 19 percent more when redeeming rewards and they increase the number of times they visit the restaurant by 75 percent from their first to the tenth redemption.

This goes to show how customers love appreciation and just how loyal they can become to your business. By establishing loyalty, you retain your existing customers since finding new ones is difficult and expensive.

3.      Employ Technology for Efficiency

Restaurants are known for long queues, especially during rush hours. If you have old and outdated technology to serve your clients, you risk delays and frustrations among customers. This may lead to loss of customers due to inefficiency.

To cure or avoid this, acquire the latest POS system and increase the number of cashiers to speed up the process. Besides speeding up the queues, you’ll have better management systems which will allow you to know the day’s and month’s sales.

4.      Incorporate Online Ordering

In this day, technology is a must-have for any business looking to increase its sales. In a restaurant business, you want to make it easier for your customers to access food. This is where online ordering comes in.

Restaurant queues can be long at times and when a customer remembers this they may opt to wait or even skip the entire affair altogether. With online ordering, you can deliver their food right at their doorstep. This brings convenience not only to the customer but also to your business.

This is because you’ll cut down the long lines snaking past your door and also reduce the money you use on operating expenses at the restaurant. Check out the Opium London official website to get a better feel of what online ordering looks like.

5.      Review Your Menu

It could be that certain foods and prices in your menu may be driving your low sales. Maybe it’s time you reviewed your menu. These items may seem too expensive for your customers or even eliminate from your menu foods consumers don’t order any more.

Ask your customers what they’d love to see on the menu and incorporate it.

There are tons of restaurants opening up every year and such oversaturation in the market can make it difficult to attract clients. Therefore, with the tips highlighted in this article, you should be able to break through the glass ceiling in a crowded space.