Can You Be In A Rock Band With A Cello?

It’s unusual to see a cellist in a rock band, but people are now recognizing the advantage of having cello in all music genres. In fact, it helps enhance the great qualities of stringed instruments. Drums and strings are a perfect combination when it comes to awesome performances. So, can you really be in a rock band if you’re playing a stringed instrument like the cello?

How Cello Transforms the Music Industry Today

Cellos can play lyrically and symphonically while sounding like an excellent bass guitar riff at the same time. Musicians are now rocking out their shows with a twist of classical, rock songs. With deep melodies in pop music, you can totally enjoy playing cello while being in a rock band. And this is how the music industry is taken by storm with modern cellists nowadays.

Since pop rock music involves a lot of vocals, playing cello makes a great match because it can mimic the human voice. In addition, it’s more fun to have cellists in a band due to their adaptive nature. Most symphony concerts today have cello players standing up and even headbanging to their music while they rock out the stage.

Why Become A Cellist and Join a Rock Band

Basically, the melodies of cellos came from its classical background. If you’re playing an instrumental show, you will notice how the cello stands out in the musical rhythm. In other words, this stringed instrument is really helpful when it comes to lyrical melodies.

Musicians in the metal and rock genres are able to write and compose songs despite the opposite tunes of cellos and usual rock band instruments. When classical and rock music intertwines, it’s like getting the best of both worlds. The unique sound produced makes rock bands a bit more interesting for the audience.

The uniqueness of the sound created by the cello in rock bands also recognizes originality and versatility of musicians around the world. The fact that cellos don’t get old, but continues to amaze the music industry regardless of genres, it’s not surprising how cellists are enjoying more opportunities in their careers.

So if you have decided to be the unique part of a rock band and decided to play the cello, it’s a must to purchase your own instrument or you could opt to rent one first. A beginner cello is a great fit for someone who is just starting to learn the instrument, you can buy cello online but it’s important to check out the reviews first to make sure that the store does offer good quality instruments. If you prefer to try the instrument first hand, you can go to an instrument shop and choose the brand of cello that would not only interest you but also suit you.

Wrap It Up

More than people think, rock and classical music are sort of similar in many ways. The unique instrumentation actually determines the quality of sound produced by the band. It’s no longer unexpected that classical stringed instruments, drums, and electric guitars can work together to be able to achieve a classical, rock music that listeners now enjoy.