10 Best Free Music Apps to Listen to All Your Favorite Music

When it comes to free music apps there’s no lack of choice.

But what it comes down to is your personal choice and what you’re willing to put up with for the free version. So let’s check out 10 of the most widely used free music apps and see which one is right for you.

Music Apps

Whether you want to listen while traveling or hanging around the house, it’s a good idea to have more than one way to access your music. Consider your data plan and how much storage you have on your phone when looking at these apps.

  1. Spotify

A no-brainer for this list, you’ve probably tried it out already. Spotify’s free service doesn’t hold many options back from its free users. You have access to playlists, stations, podcasts, and auto-generated lists that can help find music similar to what you listen to.

  1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud has many of the same features as Spotify like weekly generated playlists, customs playlists, and themed lists. What it does better than Spotify is its user participation. Users can record their own songs and upload them to Soundcloud through the app.

  1. Pandora

Definitely one of the most popular music apps, Pandora fills a special niche for free apps. You create stations and let it run, sometimes it brings you good stuff similar to what you wanted, sometimes the like system brings weird songs to you. Most of the time it works and works well thanks to the Music Genome Project.

  1. iHeartRadio

One of the few free music apps that don’t have ads in the free version, iHeartRadio focuses on stations. You can make stations or use the app to listen to local radio stations.

  1. YouTube Music

YouTube has access to more music than most of the other apps but falls short in two vital areas. You have to keep the app open in the foreground for it to play in the free version. It’s good if you want to connect it to a speaker but not for casual listening.

  1. LiveXLive

Another station-centric app, LiveXLive (formerly Slacker) operates much like Pandora. What LiveXLive has special, however, is a much cheaper way to get rid of ads. A $3.99 a month plan removes ads and gives unlimited skips.

  1. Musi

This is for the iPhone users only but has some great features. Musi allows you to create playlists out of YouTube videos and Soundcloud songs. The best part is that your YouTube music will play when minimized, the worst part is that it is supported by ads.

  1. TuneIn

TuneIn takes radio very seriously. You can’t play specific songs but you can find radio stations all over the nation that do. And if you’re interested in other on-demand entertainment, check out what you can watch on IPTV channels.

  1. Google Play Music

If you keep your own music on your phone and want a purely offline app, this is one of the best. There’s no ads or interruptions since it’s all your music anyway.

  1. Deezer

Deezer takes a little work up front to get going but is worth it. After choosing genres you pick the artists you like. There’s also the option to listen to editor-chosen playlists.

There’s Even More

These are just some of the music apps out there so what you need may not even be on this list. And if you decide to spring for the premium version there are so many more features. Between custom playlists, auto-generated playlists, and local radio stations, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

We know music. So if you’re looking for more music news check out our other music articles and get the latest info.