Gord Downie’s Secret Path Live Is Being Performed Again With An All-Star Band

Secret Path Live is a re-creation of the 2016 performances that brought together renowned musicians to share the Chanie Wenjack story through an immersive multimedia experience. The project, conceived by Gord and Mike Downie, intertwines the music from the Juno award-winning album, graphic novel by Jeff Lemire, and the animated film Secret Path to bring to light the painful legacy of Canada’s residential school system, and the long-suppressed mistreatment of Indigenous children and families, to the national stage. The hope was to start a national conversation and further reconciliation.

The performance will take place on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, and tickets are available here.

Featuring the original Secret Path band, surprise guests, dancers, and artists will come together to create a fully immersive and cultural experience that celebrates Indigenous history and commemorates the lives of Gord and Chanie.

Gord Downie began Secret Path as a collection of 10 poems inspired by the story of Chanie Wenjack, a 12-year-old boy who died of exposure on October 22, 1966. He was attempting to walk home from Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School near Kenora, Ontario, to return to family he was taken from over 600km away.

Gord’s remarkable and emotional Secret Path original performance featured musicians Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers), Dave Hamelin (The Stills), and Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think).

Taking place during the 2nd annual Secret Path Week, Secret Path Live will return to Roy Thomson Hall almost three years since Gord himself performed the album on the same stage. The recreation of the iconic performances will reunite the original band members with other special guest artists.