Canadian Artist Marshall Potts Signs to Entertainment Music Group (EMG)

Marshall Potts recently posted in a blog about his recent experience as a Showcase Artist at the most famous global music festival in the world, MIDEM, a yearly event in Cannes, France, June 4-7,2019. Marshall talked about sometimes just having to just take that chance, go with your gut feeling, your blind faith, whatever you want to call it. Just go for it.

So this Canadian rocker took that chance and came back from MIDEM with a management contract with industry veteran, Sandy Graham of Entertainment Music Group (EMG). Sandy personally has decades of experience in the music industry, having been in radio, records, nightclub owner and manager. The team at EMG is proud to represent artists on a unique management level, giving the artist the final say and developing strategies on both a short term and long term basis.

“I am so grateful to have been invited to join Entertainment Music Group”, says Marshall Potts. “Looking forward to an awesome new journey with some amazingly talented and above all decent Human Beings. The team there is all about the music and the artist’s needs.”

Marshall Potts is set to go back out with the Cashbox Caravan, next stop is Live at Heart Sweden (Örebro) September 4-7, 2019 and soon to be announced dates for further appearances and recording plans for the next album.

Aptly put the title of Marshall’s new single That’s How It Starts, and that is exactly what this talented and focused artist is all about, keeping his full attention on his music and his fans. That’s How it Starts is another giant step in the progression of Marshall Potts and his musical and life journey.