Upgrade Your Audio Experience with These Music Streaming Apps

If there’s no day that goes by without your favorite music and you could easily call yourself a music buff, you’re most probably interested in enjoying the best audio quality when it comes to your favorite albums and artists. Thankfully, more and more music streaming apps and services make that possible for little money.

Some of these services have been around for quite some time now and they’ve gained their popularity for a good reason that is called premium audio quality. Moreover, some of them couple that high-quality audio with user-friendly features and the possibility to enjoy thousands of tunes even offline.

A classic for a reason

Apps to improve the quality of one’s life are now available in great numbers and when it comes to music apps, there’s no exception. There are a few streaming music apps and services that remain favorites despite the emergence of newer such products. YouTube, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify are some of them.

Each of them comes with features and rich music archives that enable users to search for and find an overwhelming variety of artists based on different genres. The filters available significantly simplify the user’s experience when searching for favorite artists and their albums. All of these services are available for web and mobile use and offer free features.

New music apps you might want to try 

You might read really interesting piano books but if you want to hear how popular piano players sound like, you can also try some of the newer music streaming apps. Tidal is an app worth adding to your music app kit if you’re on the lookout for high-fidelity music and a rich library of songs. You will get around 25 million songs, to be more precise.

Even if the app is not free, its features are a great reason to try it. You can watch more than 75,000 videos without ads interrupting them, use discovery tools to reach that album that delights you so much, and even enjoy exclusives.

In case you relate to classical music, you want to feed your passion for opera and orchestral performances, and enjoy the various benefits of listening to classical music, Idagio should not go unchecked.

For only $9.99 per month, you can enjoy a rich library of new, rare, and exclusive recordings of such performances. The quality is high and the variety offered is remarkable. Plus, you can use various filters to enjoy custom search results such as composers, soloists, or orchestras.

Deezer is also popular among music buffs interested in enjoying their favorite tunes even when on the road and offline. This music streaming option allows users to download high-fidelity tracks for offline use, which is a feature that, at least in our case, makes it a winner even if this possibility is available with the premium subscription.

Online radios

If listening to the radio sounds like something you’d almost always go for but you’d like that experience to come with a custom touch, then rest assured that the music streaming service market does not run short when it comes to such options.

LiveXLive is one of them. The streaming service replaced Slacker Radio but you get to enjoy many of the old features as there is a variety of stations you can listen to depending on the genres you like. Pandora and TuneIn are very much the same. They offer the possibility to listen to various stations after you’ve selected the genres and subgenres you’re into.

Pandora, for example, offers the Pandora Plus subscription which enables users to enjoy unlimited replays and skips and even download stations for offline use. Other noteworthy personalized online radios include Jango Radio and iHeartRadio.