Yes, Please! Rock-Ola Produces the Vinyl Record Collector’s Dream Jukebox

American manufacturer Rock-Ola has announced the debut of the brand-new 45 rpm Vinyl and tube pre-amp powered Bubbler, a revolutionary high-tech update on the world-famous Bubbler series of Jukeboxes. As a unique fusion of cutting-edge sound technology and timeless design, its aesthetics and appearance have been designed to evoke the Golden Age of Jukeboxes.

Its manufacturer, Rock-Ola, is globally renowned as the only authentic American Jukebox manufacturer on the planet. The company is highly regarded for its ‘Bubbler’ Jukeboxes, famed for its mesmerizing, multi-colored tubes with ascending bubbles. These became one of the most successful and best-selling series of Jukeboxes in history. This latest model is an evolution of its most enduringly popular design as it combines authenticity and new technologies producing the ultimate in sound experience!

The new Jukebox plays a total of 200 selections (A&B sides) and can stream via Bluetooth so you can combine authentic analog sound or digital music via your device. It’s capable of connecting with integrated music systems like Sonos or Control 4 and is powered by a tube pre-amplifier and a 425-watt digital amplifier, with dual zones so that external speakers can be added if required.

British entrepreneur Alexander Walder-Smith is the new owner of Rock-Ola. He teamed up with former owner Glenn Streeter to create their vision of a new cultural icon that combined the Bubbler’s world-famous aesthetic with all the convenience of modern music players. Now, with Rock-Ola’s unrivaled expertise in creating classic Jukeboxes, their vision has become a reality.

The 45 rpm Vinyl Bubbler’s release comes at an exciting time for the industry, with a sharp upswing in the public’s interest in vinyl. Vinyl Jukeboxes were at their peak in the mid-20th century whereas Jukeboxes in recent decades have used CDs as a medium for their music, or have been entirely digital.

Now, the public’s fresh enthusiasm for the rich, distinctive sound of vinyl is driving Rock-Ola’s return to the Golden Age of classic Jukeboxes, and this has been one of the core concepts underpinning the Vinyl 45 rpm Bubbler’s design.

This exclusive Jukebox produces a Live Performance Sound Reproduction – a sound so flawless as to be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Rock-Ola is currently taking pre-orders for the Vinyl 45rpm Jukeboxes, with plans to ship its first releases pre-Xmas 2019. The new website has just launched too, so the whole range and technical specifications can be viewed and purchased online at