Top 5 Best Caribbean Cruise Destinations

If you’re looking to cruise in the Caribbean check out these top destinations. Keep reading for top 5 best Caribbean cruise destinations.

Did you know that more than 28 million people boarded a cruise ship last year?

There’s no doubt about it. A cruise is one of the best ways to explore a particular region of the world–the Caribbean, in particular.

Home to 26 countries spread across hundreds of islands, there’s no shortage of amazing Caribbean destinations. The question is: How do you choose the best?

Every Caribbean cruise line offers their own itineraries, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research ahead of time. Here’s our pick for the “best of the best” island destinations.

  1. Cuba

Ready to travel back in time? You don’t need a Delorean–you just need a cruise ship bound for Havana, Cuba.

Here you’ll find fascinating history in the form of cobblestone streets lined with vintage cars from the 1950s. Throw in some salsa music and a cold, minty mojito, and you’re starting to get the picture.

And if you’re worried about soaking up some sun, don’t be. Cuba boasts some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, including the aptly named Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach).

  1. Jamaica

The tiny isle of Jamaica is a must on any Caribbean cruise itinerary.

Renowned for its friendly people and beautiful scenery, there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your visit. Tour Mystic Mountain or the Dunn’s River Falls, or enjoy a leisurely stroll past the colonial architecture of Falmouth.

When it’s time to relax, grab a skewer of jerk chicken and wash it down with some ginger beer. As you watch a magnificent sunset, you’ll realize nothing beats the fun of Caribbean cruises.

  1. Puerto Rico

If you’re seeking the perfect combination of history and culture, look no farther than Puerto Rico.

Take a hike through the jungle of El Unique–the only US National Park that’s a tropical rainforest. Then explore the 16th-century castles and forts that make up Old San Juan.

And with the Bacardi distillery located just a few steps away, there’s no shortage of great rum cocktails to savor. You may even find yourself dancing the merengue before the night is through.

  1. St. Thomas

Each of the US Virgin Islands is stunning in its own right, but our favorite is St. Thomas.

The capital town of Charlotte Amalie offers a unique glimpse into Danish colonial life. Because of its deep harbor, the island was also a favorite haunt of infamous pirates.

Explore Blackbeard’s Castle or sign up for a lobster diving tour. And if you like shopping, you’re in luck–this island boasts more duty-free shopping options than any other Caribbean island.

  1. Barbados

If you’ve got the time to venture further south (and east), add Barbados to your Caribbean cruise itinerary.

This tiny island enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, making it a beach lover’s dream. White sand beaches surround the island, along with coral reefs teeming with sea life.

Are you a rum aficionado? You’ll love learning about (and tasting) your favorite drink at the world’s oldest rum distillery, Mount Gay.

Ready to Set Sail on Your Caribbean Cruise?

From beautiful beaches and picturesque sunsets to delicious food and fruity cocktails, there’s something in the Caribbean for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket, pack your bags, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime on an upcoming Caribbean cruise.

Bon voyage!

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