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Can Books Still Be Students’ Best Friends?

Some decades ago books could be the best friends for a significant part of people, mainly students. But nowadays it has changed. Let’s see how exactly.

There are people who would charge that the role of the book, at least paper ones, are vanishing from society and that the time of “Fahrenheit 451” is at hand. The truth, however, is that a fear of the dumbing down of civilization has been around for decades, if not centuries, despite the fact that people are actually more literate now then they have been in ages past.

The Importance of a Book

So, is a book important to a student’s life? Is work still a students’ best friend? The answer can be reflected in the contrast of their lives to others. The average employees who work a 9 to 5 job are likely the last people that one would expect to think of a text as a friend, or a book friend.

There are, however, book clubs at places of work as well as people who typically listen to a novel during the workday or are reading one during a lunch break. People who are of more educated professions not only use them in college, they continue to rely on them for the rest of their careers.

The Importance of Books for Essays

In high school and university, writing essays are a common thing that must be done to pass courses and impress teachers. They are also something that requires textbooks almost all of the time. Essays on novels are so common that there are writing services that offer free essays for students. The practice of getting free essay samples online is becoming very common.

Writing an essay means being informed on the topic, and although research can be done online today, there are many essays that require books to do it. Many essays done in English classes, as one of many examples, are usually done on a novel!

It’s a Dependency…

It’s the student, however, that is most dependent on books to survive in university or college. Even high school students don’t require the sheer number of texts that a college student does. The simple fact is, that from the moment they walk into university, there is a list of books that they have to obtain just to be able to take classes, and they aren’t free!

And, it doesn’t end there, students in high school or university can’t hand in assignments without their textbooks as that’s where their assignments usually are! For college students, research is a word that they come to know intimately, which requires hours of perusing heavy tomes.

It Leads to Addiction

Most college graduates admit after getting their diploma that they couldn’t make it through university without hundreds of books to get them to the finish line. Not only that, but they go on to spend the rest of their lives enjoying novels at home and depending on them at their jobs.

One could say that students not only enjoy books and that they become a student’s best friend, but that published works become an addiction to them that started out in university. It’s one of the few healthy addictions, thankfully, and one that benefits every person who develops one.

So, books are best friends to just about everyone, but this statement is especially true of students. No one needs to do polling samples to realize that. Books will always be the students’ best friends!