Toronto Pop Singer/Songwriter Jadyn Lamb Flags “Bad Signs” in Relationships in new Video & Single

The saying ’in like a lamb, out like a lion’ is often saved for seasonal weather, but such can also be said for Canadian pop singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb and her newest single and video, “Bad Sign” — available now!

In it, the Toronto-area artist delivers a sweetly sung pop track all while leaving listeners inspired by the song’s frank take-away.

“This is a story about manipulation, guilt, and finding the strength to escape abuse,” Lamb says of the lyrics that call a partner out on their unhealthy behaviour. “It’s a message that it’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life.”

The song initially had an ‘audience of one’; Lamb penned “Bad Sign” for her younger sister in the midst of helping her navigate an abusive relationship.

“‘Bad Sign’ is dedicated and in honour of my younger sister, and anyone else going through the same thing,” Lamb shares. “The lyrics are inspired by real messages and arguments they had.

“We’re best friends and I’m really protective of her, so when I saw her in pain, it crushed me,” she continues, relating to what her sister went through. “When I heard her crying, I felt helpless. I tried my best to guide her in the right direction, and steer her away from heartbreak but, in the end, it was always her decision to make.

“Turns out, she didn’t need any help! She was brave on her own, and put herself first. I’m so proud of her.”

Family has always played a strong role in Jadyn Lamb’s musical growth, whether as a lyrical muse or exposure to the craft. “I spent every summer in a packed bar in Leaside, watching my father play the guitar and sing with his band,” she recalls. “I grew up spirited and loud, and fascinated by music and songwriting, even as a child. That experience also helped me fall in love with big stages and crowds.”

That life-long dedication is paying off and presenting itself, first in the form of Lamb’s 2018 debut single “A Day Off,” and most recently via the release of singles “Water,” “Quiet Zone,” “Long Way Home,” and now “Bad Sign.”

“Bad Sign” is available now.