Guns n’ Roses: Back and Stronger Than Ever

When asked which rock legends are truly deserving of ‘icon’ status, few people would hesitate to include Guns n’ Roses in their reply. The band, fronted by Axl Rose and Slash, are among the most widely-celebrated and critically-acclaimed acts in music history, leaving a mark on the genre of rock that will continue to influence new artists for generations to come.

Their hard rock hits such as Welcome to the JungleSweet Child o’ Mine, and Paradise City are enjoyed by countless millions of fans and continue to be among the most streamed songs ever on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. While long-time fans will be aware of the continuing success of Guns n’ Roses since the abrupt end of their two-decade hiatus, others may be less aware of what the band has been up to since their heyday. Read on to find out exactly why Guns n’ Roses are back with a vengeance.

The Guns n’ Roses Empire

Although the band initially parted ways over twenty years ago, rarely appearing together in public during their hiatus, they did manage to build one of the most successful and lucrative rock empires of all time. Their merchandise empire is reported to be one of the most valuable in the world, with the band selling clothes, vinyl, badges, posters, and even home products such as Christmas baubles and flasks to millions of eager customers.

In the gaming world, their legacy is even more pronounced. For example, major real-money online gaming platforms such as Genesis Casino video slots offer an official Guns n’ Roses game, where fans can re-live all of the greatest hits via a 5-reel slot. In addition, band members have reportedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars licensing their music to video game franchises such as Guitar Hero. Arguably, it is the business-savvy empire that the band has created that has helped keep their legacy alive.

The Tour to End All Tours

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Last year, the band made headlines around the world by announcing that they would be coming back together for a mammoth world tour across two dozen countries. Since kicking off back in 2016, the Not in This Lifetime Tour has gone on to become one of the highest-grossing ventures of all time, generating a staggering $563.3 million. Massive arenas sold out in seconds, as fans flocked for a chance to see Axl and Slash together on stage again, despite them both saying a few years previously that such a thing would never happen.

The extensive tour continues until July 2020, making the four-year stretch one of the longest in rock history. One of their next big appearances will be at the Superbowl Music Fest in Miami at the end of January, where RnB legend Snoop Dog will be opening for them in front of thousands of people.

Other legends that have had the honor of opening for Guns n’ Roses on the tour include ZZ Top, Billy Talent, Lenny Kravitz, and Alice in Chains. The fact that A-list artists are still falling over themselves for a chance to share the stage with Axl and Slash is a testament to their staying power.

The Guns n’ Roses tour may be ending this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere. Watch this space for