The Growing Relationship Between Rock Music and Gaming

During the 1950s and 1960s, rock music was one of the most listened to genres of the era with big-name stars like Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne driving the style to the mainstream. Following those glory years, the interests of listeners changed from one decade to the next as releases such as Dancing Queen by Abba and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson set the tone for the general music scene in both the 70s and 80s. That said, however, Guns N’ Roses did help to keep the rock candle burning with their iconic track, Sweet Child O’ Mine in 1987.

As a result of the impact of rock music since the 1950s, we’re going to consider how its contemporary relationship with iGaming platforms, such as online casino in Canada LeoVegas, is ensuring that the genre still has mainstream relevance.

Developments Influenced by Rock Stars

Throughout the 21st century, the rock genre has struggled to replicate the effect that it had on listeners many years ago. Along with the sound itself, fans of the genre became immersed in the personalities of at-the-time stars due to the uniqueness of their approach and music style. As mentioned above, Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne were iconic entertainers during the rise of rock music in the 50s and 60s, yet, all these years later, they continue to influence contemporary pop culture.

Regarding their relationship with the iGaming industry, online casino slots that are based around their legacies have been developed and are available at many modern-day platforms, including LeoVegas. When playing the Jimi Hendrix slot at LeoVegas, the opening features some of his most famous songs, while the backdrop to the game is, rather suitably, a stage. Moreover, the Seattle-born musician’s slot includes numerous bonus features at the mobile casino online, including the aptly integrated Purple Haze symbol.

Their Wider Gaming Impact

Because of their significance to the rock scene, Ozzy Osbourne and Guns N’ Roses have also had video slot games centered around them. However, in addition to the titles that can be found at LeoVegas, the above music stars have also seen their involvement expand beyond Canadian casino online into the traditional gaming market due to their iconic status.

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Crazy Train, which is an Ozzy Osbourne track that was released in 1980, has been featured in numerous console video games like Guitar Hero: World Tour, Madden NFL 25 and Rock Band 3. Moreover, the now 71-year-old has also done voice acting alongside other musicians such as Lemmy Kilmister, Lita Ford and Rob Halford in Brutal Legend. Although the game itself isn’t based around the Birmingham-born musician, his very involvement speaks volumes about the relationship between gaming and rock music, as 53 years on from the start of his career, his contributions are still being appreciated and recognized.

Gaming Won’t Let Rock Icons Be Forgotten

Ultimately, regardless of the general feeling that people have towards rock as a music genre, there is still an acceptance that its true legends deserve to be remembered. While console developments have sought to integrate elements of rock into their titles, slot games at LeoVegas and beyond have been pivotal in enhancing the relationship between the genre and gaming over the last few yea