The Best Piano songs for a Wedding

Music has always held a special place in our hearts. It is food for the soul. We relate music to reflect our emotions in life, and towards our loved ones. A wedding is one special moment in life when you want your other half to know what they mean to you. It is an important task to pick a romantic piano song for a wedding.

There have been numerous beautiful pieces composed throughout history. Especially if you are looking for a perfect musical portrayal of your love and life-long commitment. Nothing beats a dreamy romantic piano song for a wedding and many of them can be learnt online very quickly with applications such as Skoove.

Top 20 Piano Songs for a Wedding Ceremony

You have to carefully consider songs for a few special moments when it comes to your wedding. Main three songs are processional and recessional songs and the most important “your first dance”. So have your pick from one of these magical piano songs to make unforgettable memories.

“A Thousand Years” by Christiana Perri

This modern classic is the top favorite of ‘Twilight Saga” fans. It has been a while since this beautiful song first appeared on the scene. It is already one of the most popular choices of wedding songs of this age. The song portrays the love affair between two partners and the harmony is just perfect for your special day. Some of the more popular piano covers of the song are by John Brickman and The Piano Guys. You will definitely choose it as your top pick, once you have heard how quixotic it sounds.

Kiss the Rain

A beautiful song by Lee Ru-ma aka Yiruma, a South-Korean Pianist, and composer; it became an instant hit amongst the music lovers in 2003. It is such a romantic composition that is a signature love song and is a popular choice for weddings. Yiruma did a piano piece of this beautiful romantic number. If you are looking for a melodious walk-in at your wedding then check this one out. If you do not want it too classic then Kiss in the Rain is perfect as it is the best of the new-age genre.

Nuvole Bianche

An Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi composed this magical symphony. The title of the song itself means “White Cloud”. Its composition is a storytelling sequence about life, about your loved ones. The Chord progression and melody are just mesmerizing and the most romantic composition you will hear. You will experience joy and dancing spirit portrayed in the form of music. It is an emotional piece that will ideally reflect your feelings on your wedding day.

Beyond the Sky

Beyond the Sky is a beautiful symphony composed by a German pianist Dirk Maassen. It has the feel of a true classic piano song, you need playing as you stand on your wedding altar. The composer himself claims, this piece will take you on a journey remembering the life with your loved ones and how you feel love. I believe it will provide a timeless memory due to its touching and inspiring composition on a piano. Think of it as a musical piece that portrays life in a time-lapse.

After All

A new-age composition by an American pianist and composer Robin Spielberg. “After All” was first released in 2015 and you will fall in love with this piece. It is a combination of neo-classical shaded with romanticism and blended with semi-pop and new age music style. This composition is a perfect blend of unpretentious bravado, and raw emotions presented with utmost finesse. It will capture your emotions and imaginations and of loved ones on your wedding day. There cannot be anything better than this song to dance with your newly wedded partner.

Beneath the Same Sky by Philip Wesley

If you are looking for something modern and instrumental then Beneath The Same Sky needs to be on your list for your matrimonial ceremony. It is a tender solo piano composition, full of emotions, and the tunes that stir something inside of you. The song composes of a hopeful tone to create a more romantic atmosphere intentionally. It is a perfect tune to play at your processional song or even as your first dance with your other half.

Canon in the D by Pachelbel

A true classic is amongst us, as Johann Pachelbel, a German composer, and organist composed this beautiful symphony. Did you know?It is one of the oldest wedding piano songs that brides have been choosing for centuries, literally! There are no lyrics; it is pure bliss of a composition that sounds like a fairy tale on a piano. If you are planning a traditional wedding then you got to pick this one up. And you can choose which style of the symphony you wish to play. Many legendary pianists like Robin Spielberg have attempted this song and have their cover.. So if you have a specific favorite version, ask your live pianist to play it on your walk to the aisle.

Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Yes! A treat for Ed Sheeran fans. It is a true romantic number that will light up the moment at your first dance, as it is a romantic ballad composition. It is also an ideal song as walking down the aisle song, even Ed Sheeran recommends it. The composition is all about life-long commitment, loyalty, and growing old together. It has a conventional tone to it, so whether you are having a modern wedding or a traditional one for that matter. Thinking out Loud on piano will give you that perfect moment at your nuptials.

All of Me by John Legend

All of me, a truly romantic song that you can choose for your special dance. Even the singer John Legend dedicated it to his wife. The song came out in 2013. This song still stands as a strong contender amongst the brides and grooms across the world as their favorite pick for a wedding song. All of me is a piano ballad and the symphony is simple but elegant. It takes you on a trip down memory lane with your loved one in your arms, as you sway on the dance floor.

Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

Hoppipolla means ‘jumping in the puddles’. It is a romantic composition by Sigur Ros, a band from Iceland. It was first released in 2005. The song itself is in Icelandic but the piano symphony is very popular, and orchestrated at wedding ceremonies in Europe and the United States. Did you know? The band called it ‘the money song’ as they were to sure it will prove as their greatest ever. And guess what, it is! If you are looking for a bit of culture at your wedding, try this one.

When Hearts Collide by Alexis Ffrench

A harmonious composition by a British pianist Alexis Ffrench, When Hearts Collide will win your vote being one of the most romantic pieces. Picking this one as your wedding song or for your first dance will certainly bring attendees to their feet. The romantic notes will touch the strings of your heart and bring out the emotions of the day with all their glory and intensity. Imagine the smile on the face of your partner as you walk down the aisle with this beautiful tune in the background.

The River Flows in You by Yiruma

The River Flows is another iconic romantic piece of composition. Yiruma composed it, and one of the most favorite wedding songs for the last 20 years. They call this song as “clair de lune” of 21st-century music. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a modern song that sounds as iconic as any old classical piece.“The Wedding essentials” is another term that professionals use to define this composition. You have got to pick this one.

I Will Always Love you by Juliette Pochin

A modern jewel for your selection of piano songs at the wedding. This cover of “I Will Always Love You” by Juliette Pochin tops the list. The song once sung by the famous Whitney Houston takes a classical twist with the touch of piano. The original came out in the early seventies and has been brides’ favorite ever since.

Light Dance by Akira Kosemura

Light Dance is a composition by Akira Kosemura, a Japanese pianist and composer. This beautiful piece of music is perfect for a wedding day. It is impossible to get tired of, gives a feeling of being boundless. You will not even realize that it has continued to play over and over again. This piano song for the wedding is peaceful yet emotionally evocative at the same time.

Young and Beautiful by The Theorist

You must listen to the piano cover by The Theorist of Young and Beautiful. It is a contemporary and melodious piano song that is ideal and must play as a song to walk into your wedding. The song was popular and used as a soundtrack for ‘The Great Gatsby’ in 2013. The soft and sedating flow of harmony on the piano just creates a dreamy sequence.

Das Streben Nach Gluck by Florian Christl

Florian Christl, a German pianist composed this classical piece called Das Streben Nach which means “to strive for happiness”. Not only does it reflect passion but it also brings out the inner emotions of the listeners. It is inspirational giving your soul a free flight. It is a dream sequence kind of music, a perfect piece for your dream wedding.

Because I love you by Yiruma

If you wish to learn a piano song to portray your love for your better half. And what better choice then Because I love you, composed by Korean Pianist Yiruma. You must be familiar with his name by now, Yiruma is famous for his piano compositions ideal for weddings. You should check his other compositions, who know you might like more than a few for your big day.

Love’s River by Laura Sullivan

This is a Grammy winner for 2014 in the new age category. The song topped charts around the globe and loved by millions for the lovely and soothing romanticism it depicts. It might come as a surprise, and impress you, how beautiful and calming it sounds on a piano. I would say, ask your live musician to definitely play this one.

Beautiful Day by Cornelia Malecki

This song composed by musical artist Cornelia Malecki is a masterpiece in its own right. She is a pianist, composer, author, and a piano teacher. A beautiful day is a cheerful, vivid, rhythmic and dreamy melancholic piano music; that will bring life to your wedding. This composition will take you on a fantasy journey of love and good times to come.

Soffia la Notte by Fabrizio Paterlini

Fabrizio Paterlini, an Italian composer and pianist composed this symphony. It is a masterpiece of contemporary classical music. The piano music flows effortlessly from one note to the most natural way possible. It is a beautiful sequence of music that will create a graceful mood on your wedding day. The tune coming from the piano is warm and emotionally soothing. If you know the piano chord progression then you understand what I am talking about.

It’s that time in your life

Love is in the air when it comes to your wedding day. The right symphony can make it an immortal memory of our lifetime. We carefully selected some of the best piano wedding songs for your choice but the list is endless. Now that you know where to begin and what a good wedding piano song sounds like, why don’t you explore a few more? There are many other compositions of our recommended songs, so if you find one that you like best then what could top that?

The songs we recommended are not only great to set the mood at your wedding. If you are a piano enthusiast, and would like to surprise your partner then learning to play piano for them is the best way. It will show them your love with such a heartfelt wedding present, they will always cherish.